About MHC

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Growing a vibrant future with learners and our region.

Guiding Principles

We thrive in a learning culture, bringing passion to our purpose. Through teamwork and diversity in our perspectives, we share our expertise. We lift each other up and build on each other’s strengths. We trust each other to always do our best. Aligned to a common purpose, our culture is the foundation that allows us to achieve our goals. 

Stemming from our learning culture, these principles guide everything we do.

  • AUTHENTICITY Mutual respect and honest, transparent, communication form the basis of our interactions. Accountability for our actions means we can be trusted to do our best work.
  • COLLABORATION We promote partnerships, knowledge sharing, and working together to accomplish greater things. We recognize the importance of diverse perspectives; whether from inside or outside our walls, or in support of or challenging our ideas. Collectively, we shape our pursuits.
  • ACTION We act with purpose. To do so, we are willing to take risks and allow for failure. We stay connected to the details while checking decisions and direction frequently. Ever vigilant, we ask questions, and when necessary, adjust our actions to be more impactful.