Project 50/50

Admit it - we all prefer to split the check, and MHC's project 50/50 is no exception.

Contribute $10 per month to Project 50/50, a fundraising initiative where half of the proceeds will go to one lucky draw winner each month, and half will go to the Students’ Greatest Needs Scholarship. Split the cheque for a great cause!

Getting involved is easy. Project 50/50 is open to staff, students, alumni and the community. Fill out a pledge form at Human Resources for automatic payroll deductions*, or drop off $10 and a completed donor card at College Advancement before the last Friday of each month and you’ll automatically be entered in a public draw on the first Monday of every month. The more participants the bigger the pot so encourage others to get involved!

The Students’ Greatest Needs Scholarship addresses high-need areas identified on an annual basis. Sign up for Project 50/50 - you’ll support a great cause, and have a chance to win each month.

Please note, donations to this project are not eligible for charitable tax receipts due to CRA regulations. For a complete list of rules, please visit this page .

*Payroll deductions are available for regular part time and full time employees of MHC; contact Human Resources for more information.