Adrienne Lattery

Instructor: Business Administration

Areas of Interest: Marketing, business software, and business of any kind!

After receiving a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the UofC, Adrienne worked for two oil and gas companies in Calgary. She then completed an MBA in Community Economic Development after starting work at MHC. Adrienne currently teaches Microcomputers 191, Management 193, and Marketing 171. In 191, students work on a series of assignments learning the basics of Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. The course concludes with an integration project that uses Object Linking and Embedding to create integrated Office documents. Management 193 is designed to challenge students to think critically and to find effective solutions to problems. Marketing 171 provides an overview of the marketing function in an organization. This course gives students an appreciation of the importance of marketing in the overall effectiveness of a business. Students also prepare a Marketing Plan for a real organization to conclude the work in the course.

Connect with Adrienne: / 403.529.3946

Adrienne Lattery, business instructor