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Transfer and Prior Learning

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Incoming students with previous post-secondary experience applying to Medicine Hat College for the first time will be automatically considered for Transfer Credit within 6 weeks of receiving their Letter of Admission from the College.

If you are planning to enter Medicine Hat College as a University Transfer student, please connect with an academic advisor as soon as possible.

Transfer students that have left the College or may be leaving soon but require support, advocacy or course outlines to support their University or College transfer should email transfer@mhc.ab.ca for personalized services. If you have followed the advice of your academic advisor and received acceptable grades in your courses, please contact us if you’ve experienced any difficulties.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition:

Students who may have prior experiences that they believe are relevant to their program of study should begin by consulting the Medicine Hat College Calendar in order to get a sense of the courses that are offered in the program and the process for Prior Learning Assessments. Prior Learning students are registered in a term, assessed and pay tuition (half the regular rate for the particular course). Prior Learning Assessment Forms can be provided to registration. Any additional questions or can be sent to transfer@mhc.ab.ca or by phone (403) 525-2337.

Transfer Student Resources