Welcome to Medicine Hat College!

Academic and Upgrading Program Registration

Congratulations on being accepted to Medicine Hat College!

Once you receive your letter of acceptance, there are a few things you will need to take care of before arriving on campus:

1. Pay your registration deposit (non-refundable)

  • Online
  • Cash (In-person only - do not send cash in the mail)
  • Cheque (made payable to Medicine Hat College)
  • Money Order (made payable to Medicine Hat College)
  • Visa or Master Card (domestic $100 deposit only)
  • Interac (in-person only)

2. Determine if your program is automatically registered for the full year, or if you will need to select classes towards your goals.

Students should consult with the Academic Calendar to understand the rules, regulations and classes that are needed in order for them to successfully complete their academic or upgrading program.

Programs are divided into four groups. (Click here to determine your registration group.)

  1. Many choices
  2. Limited choices
  3. Block registration
  4. Upgrading

3. Login to the Student Portal

The MHC Student Portal gives you the ability to register for classes and add and drop courses via the Internet. It can also be used to view your class schedule, tuition account, semester grades and transcripts. Your username and password will allow you to access all systems at MHC including the college computers in the libraries and labs, as well as WiFi service. Click here for more information as well as to learn how to change or reset your password.

If you do not know your username and password, contact Information Technology Services please click here.

4. Register for classes (If you have not determined it will be done automatically)

Registration is the process of selecting the individual courses and times (sections) for your specific program of study. Although registration is an ongoing process that continues until classes begin each semester, we encourage students to register early as they will have access to the best selection of classes.

Your registration is your responsibility. Make sure you consult the academic calendar, ask lots of questions and make sure that you feel good about your studies before you begin.

Still need assistance? Check out our Helpful Resources page to learn more!