MHC Conservatory

Children's Programs

Music provides unique opportunities for self-expression, creativity and social interaction.  Through a balanced and systematic program of study, children develop flexible minds and attentive curiosity, and they learn the skills to participate actively in music making.

Pocco a Pocco (Early Childhood Development)

Ages: 3 - 5
Director: Cherish Wilcock

Establishing a love of music for our young participants is the #1 goal in this class. Building a firm foundation of creativity, expression, confidence, coordination as well as keen ears and in-tune singing is key to starting a life filled with the joy of music. Our curriculum is rooted in both Kodaly and Orff music teaching philosophies. Participants in this class will learn music through interactive and collaborative play and hands-on experience. This starts with learning folk-songs with instruments and games leading to concepts of beat, rhythm, dynamics and pitch (using solfege) and finally solidifying note names and locations. This program emphasizes meaningful experiences with music movement, beautiful singing and most of all, fun. This experience will also help develop inclusion, listening and social skills in addition to musical knowledge.


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