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Music provides unique opportunities for self-expression, creativity and social interaction.  Through a balanced and systematic program of study, children develop flexible minds and attentive curiosity, and they learn the skills to participate actively in music making.

Here Comes Treble

Ages: 2 - 3, parented
Director: Alicia Bigras

This class is a fun, interactive music class for preschoolers with singing, musical games, creative movement, story time, a chance to play a variety of instrument, dance, as well as making some musical crafts. The primary goal of this class is to introduce music in a fun, creative and inclusive manner where children are encouraged to participate and be creative while socializing with other children. The course material is structured around Music Play, a music curriculum designed by Canadian Denise Gagne and used in schools throughout Canada and the US, with additional resource materials incorporated. Each child will also be given an instrument to take home to keep.

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Alicia Bigras, conservatory instructor
Alicia Bigras

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