MHC Conservatory

Ensembles / Group Classes

The Conservatory’s ensemble programs provide an opportunity for people of all ages to come together and play together.

Community Orchestra

The Community Orchestra was founded in 1999 as a musical, educational and social vehicle. The orchestra plays all styles of music with a heavy emphasis on having fun while learning the basic orchestral skills; counting, phrasing, and listening. Musicians of all levels and ages are welcome to join. The group performs at various functions within the community to share our love of music.

Junior Strings Orchestra

Made possible by the generous support of the Medicine Hat Symphonic Society, the Junior Strings Orchestra is designed to foster a love of all styles of music from country, to classical, to popular. Students develop musicianship skills of the highest level that will enrich their ensemble playing and solo playing. The focus is on listening, rhythm, musical sensitivity, self-discipline, leadership and team work through concerts, field trips, guest clinicians, retreats and other fun activities. The orchestra performs regularly within the community at schools and Christmas specials, year-end recitals and various events throughout Medicine Hat. For many students, this orchestra serves as a preparatory ensemble to the Academy Orchestra and other more advanced large ensembles. Students may join the orchestra at any time during the year upon approval of the instructor.

Guitar Foundation

Ages: 18+
Director: Brian Walters

This course will introduce beginner students to their first chords, singing while playing, and tuning their instrument in a fun and supportive environment. Students must bring a guitar to each class. No guitar? No problem! Guitar rentals available!

Upcoming Events

Please check this listing regularly for upcoming performances by the students and instructors from MHC's Conservatory of Music & Dance.