Conservatory of Music & Dance

Gavin Ward


The Conservatory of Music and Dance is pleased to welcome Gavin Ward as music instructor, percussion to our team this year. Gavin taught previously with the United Conservatory of Music (Evangelos Music) in downtown Medicine Hat for two years, before attending the University of Lethbridge last year to pursue music education. He has taught students from age six through 60, and values the unique abilities and goals that each student has for themselves when they begin their musical training.

Music has been an incredibly impactful and important influence throughout Gavin’s life. His mother and father both hold music degrees, and his exposure to music through them has been paramount in developing his own love for it. Gavin’s musical exploits include performing with the Medicine Hat Allegro and Lethbridge Gold community bands, the University of Lethbridge Jazz Ensemble, and several local theatre productions and local bands. He has taken music lessons from a young age and has played several instruments over the years including piano and guitar, but the drums are his passion.