MHC Conservatory

Private Lessons

The MHC Conservatory offers private music instruction for a wide range of interests, levels and ages. Lessons are taught individually and student-teacher matching can be arranged through the Conservatory Office. Registration is ongoing throughout the year, based on instructor availability.

Lessons are held on a weekly basis as recommended by the instructor and can vary from 30, 45, or 60 minutes. All students wishing to begin private studies will be interviewed by an instructor.

Music instruction is available for the following instruments:

  • brass
  • guitar
  • percussion
  • piano
  • strings
  • voice
  • woodwind

Music students interested in private lessons should connect with the instructor of their instrument of choice. Please visit our online directory for instructor contact information. Additional questions should be directed to the conservatory office at 403.529.3880.

Upcoming Events
Please check this listing regularly for upcoming performances by the students and instructors from MHC's Conservatory of Music & Dance.

Meet our instructors

Alicia Bigras, conservatory instructor
Alicia Bigras

Meet Alicia

Christine Bootland, conservatory instructor
Christine Bootland

Meet Christine

Elaine Dobek-Shandro, conservatory instructor
Elaine Dobek-Shandro

Meet Elaine

Shauna Kohls-Walters, conservatory instructor
Shauna Kohls Walters

Meet Shauna

Shee Ling, conservatory instructor
Shee Ling

Meet Shee

Lyle Rebbeck, conservatory instructor
Lyle Rebbeck

Meet Lyle

Stephanie Schmaltz, conservatory instructor
Stephanie Schmaltz

Meet Stephanie

Susan Supeene, conservatory instructor
Susan Supeene

Meet Susan

Mark Ward, conservatory instructor
Mark Ward

Meet Mark