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The T2202 form reports the tuition paid and the number of months the student is enrolled in a qualifying educational program; it does not provide assurance that the student is eligible for the tuition, education, or textbook credit or for a scholarship exemption or other government programs – this is assessed by the Canadian Revenue Agency using the data provided by Medicine Hat College. When filing your taxes, each student must determine if he or she is eligible for these tax incentives according to his or her own circumstances. For further details, refer to the resource material located on CRA's web site for students or consult a tax advisor.

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T2202: Frequently asked questions

Why is the T2202A now a T2202?
The T2202A has been replaced by the T2202 and has new formatting requirements in addition to a requirement for Medicine Hat College to provide a direct upload of this data to the Government. To align the information, the Government has requested that we provide your Social Insurance Number which was not required for the T2202A previously.

Why do you require my Social Insurance Number (SIN)?
This has been requested by the Government as part of a new reporting process. For more information, please see the Government of Canada website on T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificates for more information.

Do I get a T2202 form?
T2202 forms are issued to students who have paid $100.00 or more in eligible fees for post-secondary level courses taken in the year. **College Preparation (Upgrading) and English Language Training are not eligible for a T2202 form at Medicine Hat College**

When is my T2202 form or previous T2202A forms available?
Forms are available in early February and before February 15th each year for the year prior (for example, in February 2021, 2020 is available). For current students, the link will be posted on our website. To access the information you will use your current student username and password. Past students with an active email address will follow the same process. If you do not know your email and password, please contact the CallCentre at To have your password reset, click here.

For Continuing Studies students, please see information below

Do Continuing Studies courses qualify for a T2202 form?
T2202 forms are issued for Continuing Studies courses to students who have paid $100 or more in eligible fees for post-secondary level courses taken in the year. Post-secondary level are defined as leading to an occupation.

Continuing Studies students who took T2202 eligible courses in 2020 can access their T2202 tax form by logging into their student account profile and selecting My Transactions from the MENU options.

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I can’t access my T2202 via the dashboard/I forgot my login.
If you have not logged on to your email for two years, your address will no longer be in the system. You can email for information on next steps. Please be aware that you will be asked to present ID for the T2202 to be released to you. If you have forgotten your password, please reset your password here:

College staff will not have access to print your T2202 or T2202A form for privacy issues, so please contact if you are experiencing any out-of-the-norm situations.

I have misplaced the original T2202 - how can I obtain a duplicate copy?
You can reprint any past T2202 by logging in and using the directions given above. All copies other than the original will be stamped duplicate copy. If you are seeking a copy of a previous tax form that existed prior to our online service (prior to 2012) please contact

Why doesn’t my T2202 form match the amount I paid for my course?
The total amount you paid may not match the total on the T2202 form as not all fees are eligible to be claimed. Some fees that are not eligible include Non-Instructional Service Fees, Student Association Fees and Health and Dental Fees. The T2202 form is also based on the tax year (January-December) not on the school year (September – April).

Can you help me with some questions about my tax return?
We are not trained to answer questions regarding your tax return. You may have to consult the tax guides available from Revenue Canada or contact Revenue Canada directly. Revenue Canada also publishes a booklet called “Student and Income Tax” which is available at the registration desk. Accountants are also trained to provide support in relation to tax queries and you may find their services helpful. Information is also available online here.