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Under the Rainbow Community Group

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What is Under the Rainbow Community Group?

Under The Rainbow is a non-profit community support group for the community of Medicine Hat and area. They provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ members to discuss experiences, get support, advocate in the community, express themselves, provide education and resources for matters affecting individuals.


Under The Rainbow's mission is to provide the community with support, resources, education on matters that affect the LGBTQ+ community, advocate rights and issues regarding laws and discrimination, provide the community with an understanding of who they are, and engage the community through activities and events.

  • For individuals to come to an understanding of who they are promote their self-pride.
  • Provide resources for members of the group in the community.
  • Provide support and education.
  • Advocate issues of concern against various groups.
  • Provide the LGBTQ+ community with social events and activities throughout the year in our community.


  • Confidentiality—All members who attend meetings must sign a confidentiality form to protect the identity and personal experiences of individuals.
  • Respect—All members must respect one another which includes using individuals preferred names, respecting the sexual identity of members, and being inclusive of others ideas and participation.
  • Expression—Every individual is entitled to say what they wish and to share their feelings and experiences. Members must respect others thoughts by allowing them to share without being interrupted.
  • Safe Space Protocol—Free of any type of discrimination especially for queer, trans, and questioning youth. Everyone has the right to feel safe and included. A Safe Space Environment is one which everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves and participating fully without fear of attack, ridicule, or denial of experience.

How to get involved

  • Anyone can join!
  • You can like them on Facebook and get all the details on upcoming meetings and events!
  • You can contact them through email Michael at!