For MHC Employees

Employee Recognition

At Medicine Hat College, our most valuable asset is our people. Each employee contributes to the success of the college and, ultimately, to the success of our students.

Recognition of those contributions is important and can take many forms. Whether it's a simple thank you from a supervisor for a job well done, or formal notification from the President's Office of an exceptional accomplishment, MHC strives to ensure the efforts of its people are recognized appropriately.

2019 Employee Recognition Celebration

The Employee Recognition Celebration is another way we can applaud the contributions of our colleagues and share in their success. This annual event celebrates retirees and continuous service in five year increments. Individuals who will be formally recognized at the event will receive an electronic invitation from Human Resources, but all college employees are welcome to attend.

Congratulations to all continuous long service employees and retirees that were recognized at our annual Employee Recognition Celebration on May 2, 2019.

Employee Recognition Celebration 2019

View 2019 event program for a complete list of recipients.