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Employee Recognition Archive

Continuous Service & Retirees Archive
The Employee Recognition Celebration recognizes the contributions of our colleagues and allows everyone to share in their success. This annual event celebrates retirees and continuous service in five year increments. Click the links below to see continuous service employees and retirees from the past five years.
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College Awards Archive
In addition to continuous service and retirees, Medicine Hat College historically recognized employees with four excellence awards:
Employee of the Year, Academic Achievement, Service Achievement and Innovation. Thank you to the following individuals and teams,
as well as all nominees, for bringing your best to MHC. Below is an archive of past award recipients:

College Employee of the Year Award

2015 Mr. Terry Noble
2014 Mr. Craig Wood
2013 Mr. Chuck Payne
2012 Mr. Mark Keller
2011 Mr. Zachary Morrison
2010 Mr. Richard Gregory
2009 Dr. Terry Cooper
2008 Ms. Jacquelyn Penner
2007 Mr. Reg Radke
2006 Dr. Len Vandervaart
2004 Ms. Astrid Shankhla
2003 Ms. Cathy Linowski
2002 Dr. Malcolm Read
2001 Mr. Dave Jones
2000 Dr. Terry Chapman
1999 Ms. Joanne Collier
1998 Dr. Nora Way
1997 Dr. Joyce Engel
1996 Mr. Keith Walker
1995 Mr. Gary Seymour

Academic Achievement Award

2015 Dr. Morgan Blair
2014 Dr. Elizabeth Pennefather-O'Brien
2013 Mr. Rick Robinson
2012 Ms. Marie Hasper
2011 Ms. Sandra Fritz
2010 Dr. Marla Middleton Freitag
2009 Ms. Denise Hellman
2008 Ms. Sharlene Hertz
2007 Dr. Florence Melchior
2006 Ms. Adrienne Lattery
2005 Mr. Burke Bechtel
2004 Ms. Vivian Archibald
2003 Mr. Dick May
Dr. Gerry deVries
2002 Ms. Ann Bevan
2001 Dr. Nora Way
2000 Dr. Leslie Clement
1999 Dr. Elmer Thiessen
1998 Dr. Roy Wilson
1997 Mr. Danny Wilson
1996 Dr. Laurie Milne
1995 Mr. Brad J Pavelich

Service Achievement Award

2015 Ms. Anne Baxter
2014 Mr. Dennis Beaudoin
2013 Ms. Michelle Robinson
2012 Dr. Karl Mueller
2011 Mr. Stuart Riley
2010 Ms. Shirley Smeby
2009 Ms. Debbie Nielsen
2008 Ms. Pamela Heilman Heinz
2007 Ms. Shelley Rennie
2006 Ms. Sheila Drummond
2005 Mr. Craig Wood
2005 Ms. Darlene Graham
2004 Ms. Kathy McDowall
2003 Ms. Roxanne Plante
2003 Ms. Barb Banasch
2002 Ms. Lorraine McLaren
2001 Ms. Aileen Leslie
2000 Ms. Melinda Arthur
1999 Ms. Bonnie Leitert
1998 Mr. Mark Keller
1997 Ms. Reni Smith
1996 Ms. Ronnie Odland
1995 Ms. Mary Matthiessen

Innovation Award

2015 MakerspaceYXH Planning Team
  • Leigh Cunningham, Collections & Instruction Librarian, Library Services

  • Julie Davey, Library Assistant, Library Services

  • James Kuehn, Instructor, Computer Aided Drafting & Design & Technical Illustrator

  • Joanne Mokry, Access & Technology Librarian, Library Services

  • Carly Ridgewell, Library Assistant – Technology, Library Services

2014 Peter Kelly, Instructor, Computer Aided Drafting and Design & Technical Illustrator Program
2013 The Solar Thermal Project and Photo Voltaic
  • Danny Wilson, Instructor, Plumber Apprenticeship Program
  • Dennis Beaudoin, Coordinator/Instructor, Plumber Apprenticeship Program
  • Phil Bosch, Welding Maintenance Service Worker
  • Joe Grove, Instructor, Electrician Apprenticeship Program
  • Dave Marshall, Plumbing Maintenance Service Worker
  • Scott Stickel, Instructor, Plumber Apprenticeship Program
  • Rob Stroh, Instructor, Plumber Apprenticeship Program
  • Walter Garrison, Manager of Innovation and Scholarship
2012 Summer Company Program/Entrepreneur Scholarship Program
  • Deanna Haysom, Development Officer, College Advancement
  • Jon Sookocheff, Manager, Entrepreneur Development Centre
2011 Be Fit for Life Program
    2010 ITS Client Support Services
      2009 College Advancement
        2008 The Library Technology Committee
          2007 DL Course Development Team
            2006 Continuing Studies
              2005 Registration Services
                2004 Vera Bracken Library Renovations Team
                  2003 Academic Advising
                    2002 Automotive Apprenticeship Program
                      2001 Financial Services Support Staff
                        2000 Power Engineering Program