International Mobility


When you hear the word 'Japan', what do you think of? Does your mind fill with images of ancient temples or futuristic cities? Do you see visions of mist-shrouded hills or lightning-fast bullet trains? Do you think of suit-clad businessmen or kimono-clad geisha? Whatever image you have of Japan, it's probably accurate, because it's all there.

Transfer Opportunities

Kinjo Gakuin University

  • Japanese language courses available as well as recommended courses for students on exchange such as Japanese Culture, Calligraphy, and Teaching Method.  Also, available is Cross-Cultural Communication, Introduction to Translation, Introduction to Interpretation.

Kobe City University of Foreign Studies

  • Courses in Japanese Language as well as regular university courses which include Linguistics, Literature, Culture, History, Law, Commerce, Economy, Education and Psychology.

Momoyama Gakuin University (St. Andrew's University)

  • Courses in Japanese economics, business, culture, history and society.  As well as English-language introductory courses on Japanese culture.  Japanese language is offered for beginners who have not studied Japanese before as well as for advanced learners.  Regular Japanese taught courses are available provided the student has adequate skills in Japanese language.

Nagoya University of Foreign Languages

  • Courses in History, Culture, Society, Economics, Business, Education.  As well as Japanese culture workshops with hands on Japanese traditional calligraphy, flower arrangement, and ceramics.  Japanese Language Course is designed for two semesters.

Nihon University

  • Available courses in English are Intercultural Relations, Art & Society, Introduction to Management, Gender Society, and Japan Studies among others.

Osaka Gakuin University 

  • Available courses in English are Japanese Business Culture, Spirituality, Japanese History, and Japanese Fine Arts, among others.

Medicine Hat College is proud to be a part of the international education community.  The international institutions each have agreed to participate in exchange opportunities with Medicine Hat College students.  It is these partnerships that Medicine Hat College provides its students with an opportunity to study abroad and learn new cultures, people, and languages.

If you are interested in becoming an exchange students at one of the below institutions please do not hesitate to contact the International Education department at