International Mobility


There aren't many countries with so much land below sea level. There aren't many - if any - countries this flat. There aren't many countries this densely populated, and yet so liberal. There aren't many countries with so much water and wind, or so many boats, sails, bikes, birds, dykes, polders, windmills, flowers, fish, bridges, cafés, cheese - and tall people. And there certainly aren't many countries who can claim such a vibrant colour (vivid orange in this case) as their own. Simply put, there is no place like the Netherlands.

Transfer Opportunities

Fontys University of Applied Science

  • Courses available in Food and Flower Management, International Business Management, International Business Economics, and International Marketing.

Medicine Hat College is proud to be a part of the international education community.  The international institutions each have agreed to participate in exchange opportunities with Medicine Hat College students.  It is these partnerships that Medicine Hat College provides its students with an opportunity to study abroad and learn new cultures, people, and languages.

If you are interested in becoming an exchange students at one of the below institutions please do not hesitate to contact the International Education department at