International Mobility

Planning Guide

How to get from there in 8 easy steps

If a semester abroad is something that you are interested in, you need to develop a study plan.  A discussion with an advisor, program coordinator, and with International Education is key to understanding what the benefits are and what to expect while on an exchange.

You may want to begin by asking yourself, when would I like to go abroad and for how long? How will this affect my studies at Medicine Hat College and my transfer university?  What are my goals for studying abroad?  Your goals may be culturally based, language based, or academically based - or perhaps a combination of each.

Research and Decide

You should research the different exchange opportunities available in different countries to best determine which option best suits your needs.

1. Apply to International Mobility Program

The application form for the program can be found here.  There is no application fee, and approval of students into the program is dependent on each student that applies.  If you have any questions regarding the application please contact

Important Documents:

  • Vaccinations
  • Declaration of Participation (signature of program coordinator)
  • Courses required from MHC calendar (discussed with advisor)
  • Budget Worksheet
  • Liability Waiver

2. Apply to Exchange University

Once the International Education office makes a formal request on the student's behalf to participate in an exchange, the International Education office will have the student complete the application form from the exchange institution.  Once the student has completed the form, it should be given back to International Education.

Important Documents

  • Copy of valid and current passport
  • Two passport photos
  • Enrolment Letter (provided from International Education)
  • Transcripts (free of charge and provided by Student Services)
  • Completed application form
  • Student Housing application form
  • Buddy Assistance form (depending on institution)

3. Financial Aid

Students requiring student loans should speak directly to their financial aid representative at Medicine Hat College.  Both International Education and Financial Aid work together with the student to ensure that the student has sufficient funds for their study abroad.

4. Register for International Mobility Program

As a student, you should schedule a meeting by contacting so that you can register for the International Mobility Program at Student Registration.

Important Documents

  • Complete Medicine Hat College Registration Form (completed with assistance from International Education office)
  • Payment of $500 (refundable if visa/study permit is denied)

5. Visa/Study Permit

When you are accepted by the exchange institution they will issue a formal letter of acceptance.  This letter will be needed to apply for a visa/study permit.  Each country has varying costs and requested documents, and it will be your responsibility to locate and submit all of the required documents. 

Important Documents:

  • Passport
  • Banking Statement and/or letter of support from parents (to prove that you have sufficient funds to study full time)
  • Original formal letter of acceptance from exchange institution
  • Letter of Enrolment
  • Processing fee (each High Commission varies in amount)
  • Return self addressed envelope

6. Booking Flights

Once the High Commission returns your passport with the visa/study permit inside, you can book your flights, mindful of the orientation date and move-in dates for students residence.  International Education must approve flights.  A copy of each student's flight itinerary must be provided to International Education, detailing arrival and departure dates with times and airline.

Important Documents:

  • Airport pick-up service form

7. Health Insurance

International Education will provide you with an invoice for your health insurance, which can be picked up at the International Education office once your flight itinerary has been submitted.  Payment of health insurance can be done through credit card, debit, or cash at the International Education office.

8. Emergency Protocol and Planning Record

Medicine Hat College has a mandatory Emergency Protocol and Planning Record form that must be completed.  The original copy of the form is kept in International Education and is only accessed in case of emergencies.

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