Dear student,

Medicine Hat families are generously sharing their homes and their lives with international students for various reasons. Some want to learn about new cultures, some want to enrich their family’s lives by learning from others and some simply want to do what they can to help international students- every family is different. Some are formal and some are more relaxed. Please enjoy your differences and learn from them.


Your Homestay family will want to share Canadian culture with you. They will also want to learn about your home, your family and your culture. Please remember that you will be a part of their family, which means that you will have to adjust to the way your Homestay family lives and interacts with each other. This may also include having to participate in family outings or having to do your share of the household chores! A successful Homestay experience depends a lot on your attitude and willingness to try new things and acceptance of cultural difference.


Please take time to review the “What to Expect in Homestay Guide” before completing the application.

Thank you for choosing the Medicine Hat College Homestay program. We look forward to welcoming you to Medicine Hat.

Challenges May Arise

While every effort is made to make the right fit between the Homestay family and international student, there are times when difficulties may surface. Joining a new family or adding a new family member to your home may prove to be a challenge. In all situations, should the Homestay family or the International Student experience difficulties, contact the Homestay coordinator immediately. The coordinator's purpose is to support international students and their Homestay families.

Application Fee

Please note that this fee must be paid when the application is submitted in order for your it to be processed.
  • Non-refundable application fee: $150
  • Monthly fee: $650 for accommodation and 3 meals a day


If you have questions, before, during or after applying to live with a homestay family while attending Medicine Hat College, please contact

Application Form

Note: Please do not use symbols such as &, [,].*.%, $. {,} when filling out the form as your application will not be processed.
Student Information
Family Contact Information
Emergency Contact in Home Country (in case of emergency, besides listed guardian(s)) above
Agent Information (if applicable)
Arrival Information
Personality & Hobbies
Accommodation Request


The information collected on this form is personal information as referred to in the FOIP Act.  This personal information is collected pursuant to the provisions of the Post-secondary Learning Act and its regulations and pursuant to section 33(c) of the FOIP Act as the collection is related directly to and is necessary to meet our obligations to provide students with an education program.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the collection and the intended purpose of this collection, please contact the FOIP Coordinator at 299 College Drive SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 3Y6 or at 403.529.3800. 

The Student agrees to:

  1. Make an effort to participate in family activities.
  2. Show consideration and respect for and act as a member of the family.
  3. Understand that Canada is a diverse country and that customs and traditions of others may be different than their own.
  4. Respect and abide by household rules. See “What to Expect in Homestay Guide”
  5. Advise the family if they will not be home for a dinner, will be home late at night or stay out overnight.
  6. Invite guests to the home only with the knowledge and permission of the host family.
  7. Clean up after him/herself in the home.
  8. Not change host homes without the knowledge and permission of the Homestay program.