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Human Library

What is a Human Library?

Our Human Library is a “collection” of local volunteers who will meet with you one-on-one to talk about their specific experience, hobby, interest, work, or lifestyle.


How do I check out a “book”?

You can reserve one of the human library “books” and “borrow” the expert for a meeting. Library staff will make the meeting arrangements. All “books” have completed background checks and meetings can only take place in a library.


What kinds of “books” can I check out?

Our collection includes:

  • a critical care nurse
  • a search and rescue volunteer
  • someone who works to integrate people coming out of jail back into society
  • a reflexologist
  • a funeral director
  • a parent of twins
  • an alderman
  • a Camino de Santiago pilgrim
  • a person with body art
  • a person who uses animals in research
  • a knitter
  • and many more.


See the complete Human Library Collection at and MHC Library

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