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Entrepreneurs of the Month -- January

Jonathan Higgins and Stapana Ith: Co-founders, Higgins & Ith

BACK IN 2009, high school buddies Jonathan Higgins, 20, and Stapana Ith, 20, made an unusual New Year’s resolution: start a clothing company. 
“We’ve always been interested in business,” says Ith, a business administration student at Medicine Hat College.  “We saw the beginning of a new year as the perfect time to take the next step and start something real.”
Higgins & Ith, the brand they launched, is consistently adding new retailers and building recognition in an extremely competitive industry. 
In an attempt to differentiate the company, Higgins & Ith have embraced corporate social responsibility, supporting projects that contribute to positive social change in communities around the world.  
“Julie Hauck, a good friend of ours, inspired us when she went to Nairobi, Kenya to volunteer at an orphanage,” says Higgins, company co-founder.  “In support of her generosity, we donated some of our clothes.  Judging from the pictures we got back, the orphanage appreciated the initiative.”
Marketing is one of the biggest challenges facing Higgins & Ith.  Retailers are extremely price-conscious, and any sales gains are hard-fought and worth the effort.
“We see complete strangers wearing our clothes,” says Ith.  “That’s been one of our biggest rewards – seeing somebody we don’t know wearing our brand.  It inspires us to keep going.”

The Entrepreneur Development Centre can help you start your business.  Learn more by talking to Jon in Room T1019.

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