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Renewable energy to take centre stage at conference

February 24, 2012


Renewable energy will be the showcase of an upcoming conference in Medicine Hat as experts and industry leaders gather for Renew West: Southern Alberta’s 2012 Renewable Energy Conference on April 24, 2012.

The event is being billed as a catalyst to join industry, educators, students and the general public in the drive to develop and apply alternative energy solutions, said Medicine Hat College’s manager of innovation and scholarship Walter Garrison. 

“This will have a broad community appeal to a wide audience of people interested in the renewable energy industry,” he said. “Whether you’re an industry professional, an academic or an interested homeowner, you will find the information you need about the industry at Renew West. Our speakers and roundtable sessions will appeal to everyone interested in learning about renewable energy.”

Speakers announced include Patrick Moore, known as a founder of the environmental movement, and Tim Weis, a clean energy specialist. Both are world renowned for their work in green energy. Other well known Alberta energy experts will also be speaking and leading sessions. The conference will be highlighted by industry exhibits.

“The renewable energy sector is growing globally, and more specifically in the Southern Alberta region,” Garrison said. “It continues to represent a significant opportunity for investment, new business, jobs, research, innovation, and tourism.”

Garrison also noted that the best way to showcase these opportunities is through education.

“Our presenters come from wide-ranging backgrounds and will aim to educate attendees about renewable energy,” he said. The best way to learn about these energy options is to hear them first hand; thus, we’ll have installers, project developers, researchers, and many more on hand to share their knowledge.”

The conference is sponsored by a collaboration of partners, including Medicine Hat College, the Economic Development Alliance of Southeast Alberta, and Alberta Rural Development Network.

Conference registrations are now being accepted online at The cost is $65 until March 16, when the price goes up to $75. Conference registration includes lunch.