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Conservatory of Music & Dance students compete at the 2014 Alberta Music Festival

May 27, 2014

Medicine Hat College (MHC) Conservatory of Music and Dance has recently released a list of students who will be competing at the 2014 Alberta Music Festival from May 28 to 31, 2014 in Edmonton, Alberta.

The festival is an annual event that recognizes some of the most advanced musicians in each discipline; categories range from piano, guitar and wind to voice, musical theatre as well as upper and lower strings.

Elaine Dobek- Shandro, piano instructor at MHC mentions that this is an “exceptional opportunity for the students to play for international judges as well as amongst their peers. It provides the students exposure to new repertoire.”

The students sent to represent Medicine Hat in the provincials are chosen from the local festivals including Rotary and Kiwanis. Meagan Bauman, a former student of Lyle Rebbeck an instructor at MHC, will be competing in the national class for woodwind.

For a full list of students attending this year’s Alberta Music Festival visit or see below.

The college also reminds the public that these performers can be seen throughout the year at various events in the community and encourage you to visit the site for upcoming news and events.

MHC would like to wish the students good luck and we hope that they enjoy this learning opportunity.

Students attending the 2014 Alberta Music Festival 

  • Composition, Scout Parks (Brian Walters, instructor)
  • Cello Solo (age based category), Graham Schaufele (Christine Bootland, instructor)
  • Cello Solo (age based category), Bree Clark. (Christine Bootland, instructor)
  • Piano Gr. 5-6, Anjali Mishra, (Constantine Shandro, instructor) 
  • Piano Gr. 7-8, Jocelyn Walters Constantine Shandro, instructor) 
  • Piano Gr. 9-10, Samantha Dolter (Constantine Shandro, instructor )
  • Piano Concerto, Complete: Samantha Dolter (Constantine Shandro, instructor)
  • Piano Jr. (age based category), Ella Hoffarth (Shauna Kohls-Walters, instructor)
  • Piano Intermediate, Rebecca Feere (Elaine Dobek-Shandro, instructor)
  • Piano Concerto, One Movement: Graham Schaufele (Elaine Dobek-Shandro, instructor)
  • Piano Concerto, Two Movements: Alyssa Fu (Elaine Dobek-Shandro, instructor)
  • Piano Sr., Mara Steiner (*Hrvoje Peric, instructor) *passed away in April 2014
  • Violin Jr., Denis Kim (Shee Ling instructor, Constantine Shandro, accompanying)
  • Violin Intermediate, Kiarah Boughen (Elaine Dobek-Shandro, accompanying)
  • Viola Intermediate, Seanachie Clark (Elaine Dobek-Shandro, accompanying)
  • Musical Theatre Ballad Sr, Shelby MacPhail (Constantine Shandro, accompanying)
  • Musical Theatre Up-Tempo Sr, Shelby MacPhail (Constantine Shandro, accompanying)
  • Woodwind Provincial National Class, Meagan Bauman (former student of Lyle Rebbeck, currently at U. of S., Elaine Dobek-Shandro, accompanying)
  • Intermediate Woodwind, Jay Beaton (Lyle Rebbeck, instructor)
  • Senior Woodwind, Dan Gourlay (Lyle Rebbeck, instructor)