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Medicine Hat College offers free career counselling

May 12, 2014

In a continued effort to serve prospective students and the community, Medicine Hat College is encouraging people who are at the beginning of their career, or considering a career change, to take advantage of the free career counselling services offered on campus.

Select staff members at MHC are trained in a number of assessment tools and inventories, including the Strong Interest Inventory, Career Cruising, and Meyers Briggs. These tools can provide an individual insight into what career may be a good fit, and what training and education would be required.

Medicine Hat College began offering career counselling services several years ago, but the emphasis on this service has grown to address the findings of institutional research. “Our data indicates that poor program fit is the number one reason students don’t complete their college studies – not funding or poor grades. Many students find that the subject area doesn’t suit them, or the program was not what they thought it would be,” says Andrea Aarden, recruiter at Medicine Hat College. “If we provide more information and guidance at the beginning of the process, we can help students make a more informed program choice.”

Interested individuals can contact Medicine Hat College at 403-529-3819 to learn more about free career counselling or visit