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MHC Conservatory of Music and Dance welcomes new Kodály instructor

August 31, 2015

Lenora Bells, recently joined the Conservatory of Music and Dance to teach Kodály, a program that assists children ages three to six learn about music through singing and the use of instruments.

“It’s a system that makes sense, it builds a foundation through step-by-step instruction,” says Bells. “The classes involve creative expression and appreciation for the arts. The kids will explore instruments, develop performance awareness, and participate in dramatic and imaginative play amongst many other things.”

Bells holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education and a Master of Education from the University of Saskatchewan (U of S). She has taught all levels of classroom music, directed school bands, choirs and musicals. She is a sessional instructor with both the college and U of S and continues to present workshops to teachers throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

When asked what she enjoys most about teaching Kodály, Bells explains that it’s the growth she witnesses in her students.

“I think my favorite part of teaching is observing the students grow with their experience. It’s new to them and I’m fortunate to see them learn about self-expression, build motor skills and develop,” says Bells. “Music is a vital part of every child’s education and a community’s heritage so I am happy to be able to be one of the people who exposes them to this wonderful world.”

As part of the program, parents are asked to join their children for the final ten minutes of each class and are encouraged to share musical activities at home.

“This is a crucial time where we are actively engaging them as they develop music, reading and writing skills that will prepare them for future studies. This is an essential time for parents to be involved,” says Bells.

To learn more about Kodály or to download the online registration form visit Please note that registration closes Monday, September 14, 2015.