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Enactus MHC wins Global Best Award in Oslo, Norway

September 30, 2016

Medicine Hat College’s (MHC) Enactus chapter received the Global Best Award for Excellence in Partnership Development at the International Education Business Partnership Conference in Oslo, Norway last week.

This bi-annual event celebrates outstanding and effective business, education and organizational partnerships that make an impact on the communities in which they operate. Award recipients are invited to present their winning projects at the conference.

“We are honoured to have received this award. It not only gives us an opportunity to highlight the work that we do, but also the partners that make it possible,” says Colton Eremenko, Enactus president. “The project that was highlighted was our Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP), which is possible because of the commitment of organizations like Canadian Tire, Elm Street, the Roy Wilson Learning Centre and MHC.”

Enactus MHC

(Image) Colton Eremenko, president for Enactus MHC and Darren Howes, coordinator of business administration at MHC and faculty advisor for Enactus pose with individuals from the International Education Business Partnership Conference.

YEP is an eight week course where members work with the youth to teach basic business skills including managing money, creating a business plan and financial literacy. Eventually the students involved create a prototype and if required ask for a loan to produce the products. The final products are sold in a trade show to family, friends and the community.

Eremenko mentions that attendees’ reaction to YEP was very positive and that the experience was life altering.

“The connections we made in Oslo are invaluable. We met a lot of new people that were working on programs similar to ours and some that were completely different - but may work in our community. We’re hoping we can continue to reach out to these people to share ideas, and see what further impact we can have in Medicine Hat.”

Darren Howes, coordinator of business administration at MHC and faculty advisor for Enactus explains that for the group to receive this recognition is very symbolic.

“These are students who are using what they are taught in the classroom, applying it through experiential learning and making these projects awesome. They are not only receiving recognition from various organizations throughout the world but are making the communities that we live in a better place.”

Howes explains that moving forward the group will continue to honour the partnerships that they’ve created while being open to new ones.

“We met for the first time this year and one of the projects the group discussed was the possibility of working with refugees in the community. We are currently in the planning phase, and are looking for feedback from local groups to ensure what we are doing will be of value,” says Howes.

When asked what else is planned for the year ahead, Eremenko mentions that they will continue with YEP, their Inspire Lectures and Project - My Generation.

The group is currently at the Enactus World Cup 2016 in Toronto, Ontario as spectators and will be attending both regionals and nationals in spring 2017.

If you are interested in learning how you can get involved with Enactus MHC, as a partner or member, contact Darren Howes at 403.504.3644 or