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MHC education students participate in cultural exchange

December 9, 2021

Education students at Medicine Hat College (MHC) had the unique opportunity to engage with students from Sweden and the Netherlands in a series of cultural exchange sessions this semester.

The opportunity arose when MHC was invited by global partner, Fontys University of Applied Science, to join in the activity which had previously occurred between Fontys in the Netherlands and Kristianstad University in Sweden.

The purpose of the partnership was for students to learn about and compare education systems and practices within the three nations.

Jason McLester, faculty lead of the project and education instructor at MHC, says it was a great learning experience for all of the students involved.

Students really enjoyed getting to meet and discuss educational practice and pedagogy with students from Sweden and the Netherlands. They were fascinated to discover ways that our educational systems are different and the same. This is a project we will continue to do with future classes as it achieves learning outcomes in an engaging way for our students.”

For Emma MacDermid, fourth-year education student at MHC, the experience was interesting and informative.

“It was wonderful to see how teaching practices and technology vary among educators. Our interactions were made easy with technology that allowed us to connect in real-time and ask questions about professional and personal experiences, which were then answered in the form of a presentation the next day. Some of the favourite topics were teaching wages, classroom layouts, weather, and typical school day schedules.”

MacDermid adds that the opportunity enhanced her post-secondary experience in many ways, benefitting her learning by offering perspective on the Canadian education system through the eyes of peers who work and live outside of the country.

“I feel connected to a larger community of educators from around the world who share the same passion for their profession as I do. The heart of a teacher transcends place and it was clear that teachers in across the globe have the same devotion and passion for educating children that teachers here in Canada do.

“While professional practice and classroom dynamics vary amongst locations, I believe teachers all have the best interests of their students at heart.”

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