Parents and Supporters

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers you need to support your student.

  1. How much is my child’s program going to cost?
    Every program at Medicine Hat College has different associated costs depending on the number of courses and the length of the pro­gram. For a summary of tuition and fees, please visit the Financial Aid section of our website. Tuition and Fees.

  2. When does tuition have to be paid? Please refer to the Academic Schedule.

  3. When will my son or daughter register for classes?
    After Medicine Hat College receives your child’s registration deposit, they will be mailed a guidebook with all the information they need to register online on the student portal. Visit our Admission page for more information about how and when to apply.

  4. How does my daughter or son obtain a scholarship?
    Students can access the MHC scholarship application form online here. If your child has any questions or would like assistance in filling out the application, they are welcome to contact the Financial Aid department at 403.529.2299.

  5. How do you help my child adjust to college life?
    We focus on helping students adjust to college life from the start. New Student Orientation allows students to meet their instructors and classmates, and learn about their program. As well, we offer various academic supports to help students enhance their chances of success at college.

  6. How will you help my child adjust to university-level academics?
    We offer free peer tutoring services for many courses, and provide additional guidance through our Academic Resource Centre, where staff offer guidance on study habits, hints on how to better work with instructors and more.

  7. Do I have access to my son or daughter’s academic records?
    FOIP (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) requires that in order to gain access to your son or daughter’s academic records, you must first get his or her written consent.

  8. Will anybody tell me how my son or daughter is doing in his or her classes?
    Generally speaking, MHC expects that your child will keep you informed of their progress. The school does not contact parents di­rectly about class performance. If you are concerned for the personal well-being of your child, please contact our personal counsellor at 403.529.3819.

  9. How will my child get an advisor? When will they meet their advisor?
    Your child is automatically assigned an advisor specific to the program in which he or she is registered. They can call the Academic Advising office at 403.529.3819 to make an appointment with an advisor.

  10. My child came home for the weekend and is sick. What should we do to make sure my child does not fall behind with their schoolwork?
    We all know that students sometimes do not get enough sleep, eat right, and/or manage their stress well. Frequently this leads to them getting sick. When this happens, your child needs to call or email their instructors and program coordinator to let them know what is happening and when they expect to return. Depending on how sick your child is, they may want to ask for an extension on due as­signments.

  11. My child expects to graduate in June. What does he/she need to do?
    All prospective graduates need to fill out an application for graduation form and submit it to the Student Development.