Computerized Bookkeeping Certificate

About This Program

This is a non-credit program offered in-class on a part-time basis. Courses are delivered in the day or evening to accommodate your schedule. For more information or to register, call registration at 403.529.3844 or visit Continuing Studies. Courses can be found under the Computer & Technology section.

Bookkeeping is a service that is in demand by corporate and small business, industry and non-profit groups alike. This program will put you in a good position to work as a bookkeeper, either in your own business or for employment in entry-level bookkeeping positions. Positions include Accounting Clerk, Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Receivable Clerk, Audit Clerk, Billing Clerk, Finance Clerk, Invoice Clerk, Tax Clerk, Tax Return Preparer.

According to the 2015 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey, Albertans in the Bookkeeper occupational group earned a starting wage from $22.45 - $32.28 an hour. The average wage was $24.57 an hour. (

Introduction to Bookkeeping

This is an introductory theory-based course in bookkeeping designed for individuals who will be doing books for small businesses. Preparing those students who wish to use computerized bookkeeping software to handle accounts, this course delivers the necessary theory and fundamentals. Topics include: the recording process, ledgers and trial balance, the worksheet, financial statements and closing entries, cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory and payroll.

Sage 50- Level 1 (Formerly Simply Accounting 1)
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of double entry bookkeeping and Computerized Bookkeeping Basics, or Introduction to Bookkeeping.
This course is presented as a hands-on business simulation in which students will actually create and post a complete set of books. Topics covered include general journal, payables, receivables, payroll, and inventory.

Sage 50- Level 2 (Formerly Simply Accounting 2)
Prerequisite: Sage 50- Level 1 or equivalent knowledge and experience with Simply Accounting software
Energetically paced. Learn the tips and tricks of Simply Accounting. Topics covered include program security, saving and using recurring entries, making CCRA payments for payroll and GST, setting up budgets, job costing, customizing the program, selling service items, using and accepting credit cards, managing your payroll and business year end, and much more.

Sage 50- Reconciliations (Formerly Simply Accounting- Reconciliations)
Prerequisites: Sage 50- Level 2 or equivalent knowledge and experience, and familiarity with the basics of bookkeeping.
The bank reconciliation in Sage 50 is a very useful bookkeeping tool, but one of the most underused features in the program. Users may find it confusing to work with if there is an error, corrections or outstanding entries from previous periods. This class will explain how to use the bank reconciliation feature as well as the tips, tricks and traps associated with it.

QuickBooks – Level 1

QuickBooks is a very commonly used accounting program in business. Many accountants are suggesting the program to their clients because it is easy to use, even for those with only basic bookkeeping skills. This course is a hands-on practical application of the program that will give you the confidence to set up and maintain a set of company books.

Take Charge of Your Files and Photos

  • Organize all of your files, whether they are data, photos, videos or music.
  • Organize your files into file folders,
  • Upload pictures from your digital camera
  • Save the files attached to e-mails
  • Copy or move files to portable storage devices like CDs or flash drives

Microsoft Word 2013 Level 1A: Fundamentals

  • Enter and edit text
  • Create, save, and edit Word files
  • Format your text
  • Spelling and grammar checks

 Microsoft Word 2013 Level 1B: Formatting for Clarity

  • Set, use and modify tabs
  • Align paragraphs and adjusting spacing
  • Add bullets or numbers to your text
  • Use page numbers, headers and footers
  • Adjust margins, orientation and page layout

Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 1A: Fundamentals

  • Navigate the MS Excel 2013 window
  • Enter and edit cell contents
  • Build spreadsheets
  • Save and edit spreadsheet files
  • Create basic formulas 

Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 1B: Spreadsheet Solutions

  • You can improve the function and appearance of your spreadsheets by:
  • Attractively format and print your spreadsheets
  • Create formulas and functions
  • Understand relative and absolute addresses in formulas
  • Use multiple sheets in one workbook

Microsoft Excel 2013: Formulas and Functions

  • Improve your formula writing skills so that you can create more efficient worksheets.
  • Understand the math behind functions & formulas so you can create better spreadsheets
  • Create seemingly complex formulas and functions with ease
  • Practice your new formula writing skills using various real world examples

Program Completion
With 75% achievement on all required courses a Computerized Bookkeeping Certificate will be earned; otherwise, a Certificate of Participation will be awarded. All classes will have a minimum attendance requirement. Where no prerequisite is identified, individual courses of interest may be taken.

Upon successful completion of the required courses, students must apply for the certificate by contacting the Continuing Studies Office at 403.529.3874.

Courses can be paid on a course by course basis. Prices are subject to changes. Fees are as follows:

Introduction to Bookkeeping/ Sage 50 - Level 1 (CT 0071)
Tuition: $685 + GST
Hours: 30 hours (Bookkeeping), 12 hours (Sage 50)
NOTE: Price based on ‘Combine and Save Discount’.

Sage 50 - Level 2  & Reconciliations (CT 0063)
Tuition: $269+ GST
Hours: 6 (Sage 50), 3 (Reconciliations)
NOTE: Price based on ‘Combine and Save Discount’.

QuickBooks – Level 1 (CT0074)
Tuition: $249 + GST
Hours: 9

Take Charge of Your Files and Photos (CT 0091)
Tuition: $189 + GST
Hours: 6

Microsoft Word Level 1A & 1B (CT 0024)
Tuition: $345 + GST
Hours: 12
NOTE: Price based on ‘Combine and Save Discount’.

Microsoft Excel 1A & 1B (CT 0026)
Tuition: $345 + GST
Hours: 12
NOTE: Price based on ‘Combine and Save Discount’.

Microsoft Excel 2013: Formulas and Functions (CT 0041)
Tuition: $189 + GST
Hours: 6

Additional Notes:
  • Certificate exams are required for each computer course. One exam sitting fee is included with enrolment in the related course. Pre-registration is a requirement. Re-tests will be treated as challenge exams. Pass Mark: 75%.
  • Microsoft courses can be challenged. The challenge exam fee is $75 + GST per exam.

There are no formal academic requirements for this program.

To Register

Please refer to the Continuing Studies Calendar – Computer and Technology section for dates, time or register online.