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Humanities & Social Sciences


About the Program

This diploma is designed to provide the student with the basic knowledge and skills that every citizen requires to begin a process of discovery and individual development that will enable the student to understand what it means to be human in a world that is constantly changing. The humanities are the very expression of who and what we are. The social sciences investigate how what we think and what we do creates the social and political environment in which we live.


This two-year program allows the student to pursue an investigation of individual interests and personal goals unique to them while at the same time preparing them for further study in the humanities, social sciences, or the professions.


Additionally, the study of the humanities and social science prepares the student with all of the fundamental, personal management, and team work skills that are required for the rapidly changing workplace. The program can supplement and complement any number of other programs and will begin a process of development of the student’s understanding of the world and themselves while preparing them for a vast number of careers of their choice


A two-month work integrated learning experience is part of the required program requirements, creating valuable opportunities for students to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom.

High School Route

  • ELA 30-1
  • Math 30-1 or Math 30-2 or a 30-level second language
  • Two 30-level academic subjects
  • One Grade 12 5-credit subject (excluding Special Projects)

Mature Student Route

  • ELA 30-1
  • One 30-level academic subject


Two of:

  • COMM Any 200-level
  • CPSC Any 200-level
  • DRAM Any 200-level
  • ECON Any 200-level
  • ENGL Any 200-level
  • GNED 220
  • ITEC Any 200-level

Qualitative Reasoning and Scientific Method
Two of:

  • ANTH Any 200-level
  • BIOL Any 200-level
  • BOTA 205
  • CHEM Any 200-level
  • ECON Any 200-level
  • EREC Any 200-level
  • GEOG 201
  • GNED 210
  • KNES Any 200-level
  • MATH Any 200-level
  • PHIL 275, 279
  • PHYS Any 200-level
  • PSYC 205
  • STAT Any 200-level

Critical Inquiry and Aesthetic Analysis
Two of:

  • ARHI Any 200-level
  • BIOL 255
  • ECON Any 200-level
  • ENGL Any 200-level
  • GNED 220, 221
  • PHIL Any 200-level
  • POLI Any 200-level
  • RELI Any 200-level
  • SOCI 225

Historical and Political Analysis
Two of:

  • ANTH Any 200-level
  • HIST Any 200-level
  • POLI Any 200-level
  • SOCI Any 200-level

Cultural, Social, and Behavioural Analysis
Two of:

  • ECON Any 200-level
  • GEOG 203
  • GNED 230, 234
  • KNES Any 200-level
  • POLI Any 200-level
  • PSYC 205
  • SOCI Any 200-level


Communication Skills
One of:

  • DRAM Any 300-level
  • ENGL Any 300-level
  • GEOG Any 300-level
  • PHIL Any 300-level

Cultural Foundations
One of:

  • ANTH Any 300 level
  • ARHI Any 300-level
  • HIST Any 300 level
  • GEOG Any 300 level
  • GNST 300

Social and Behavioural Sciences
One of:

  • ANTH Any 300 level
  • PSYC Any 300 level
  • SOCI Any 300 level

Three of:

  • DRAM Any 300 or 400 level
  • ENGL Any 300 level
  • HIST Any 300 level
  • PHIL Any 300 level

Four of any of the other 300 or 400 level University Studies courses listed above

Work Placement
HSSW 300 – Work Placement

NB: No single course can satisfy more than one of the above requirements.


Students are encouraged to consult academic calendars of their intended transfer institution regarding admission requirements and course selection. A Medicine Hat College Academic Advisor or a University Academic Advisor can help students interpret and apply these requirements. Students are responsible for making informed course choices as part of their program planning. Students may access the Transfer Alberta Search Database online to determine Medicine Hat College course equivalents.

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