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Interpersonal Communication


This series of four courses will help you learn to build positive relationships, turn negative situations into win-win, learn tools and techniques that allow you to effectively deal with negative or stressful situations, and assist you in learning how to communicate more successfully in any situation.

Program At a Glance:

  • Offered at the Medicine Hat campus
  • Delivered part-time, in-person
  • This program is eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant which reimburses two-thirds of your employee's training costs.

Program Contact

For more information, contact:

Shannan Hurlbut
Tel: 403.529.3849

Canada-Alberta Job Grant

Canada-Alberta Job Grant
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There are no formal academic requirements for this program.

This certificate program consists of four, one-day courses (total instruction 24 hours). Courses can be taken individually, but are most effective when taken together to build on the concepts.


  • the causes of conflict; how and why it occurs
  • conflict prevention and early intervention
  • learn a highly effective conflict resolution process
  • negotiating successfully with difficult people and in difficult situations
  • create win-win outcomes to build relationships and improve problem solving
  • develop critical skills and understanding required for the most effective application of the process


  • the key skills that make a successful communicator
  • understanding the communication process - the hidden components of truly effective communication
  • analysis of your communication skills – where to improve
  • techniques to develop diplomatic, tactful and confident communication
  • enhance your image, increase positive outcomes, build and improve relationships
  • reduce frustration, establish credibility, build trust and increase your confidence


  • techniques and skills for dealing with challenging people for positive outcomes including co-workers, clients, bosses/supervisors and those in your networks
  • practical, effective and specific strategies for creating win - win outcomes with anyone
  • coping and turn-around strategies for dealing with very difficult people
  • understanding underlying causes of difficult behaviours and why they challenge us


  • managing ourselves and the situation for better outcomes
  • managing “less than perfect” behaviour of others
  • understand the underlying issues in difficult situations
  • specific actions for gaining control and managing more effectively

 Price: 849 + GST

Upon successful completion of all four courses in the series, participants will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion for the Series from Medicine Hat College.