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About This Program

This is a non-credit program offered on a part-time basis. To earn this certificate you must complete seven courses, plus the final assessment. For more information or to register, call registration at 403.529.3844 or visit Continuing Studies. Courses can be found under the Business & Leadership section.

Program Outcomes

  • To define your personal values and create unity with goals, vision and actions
  • To recognize and successfully manage the value of diversity in the workplace
  • Practical skills that can be applied immediately to real-world situations at work or home
  • To provide the direction and drive that lead to measurable results
  • To inspire positive change in all levels within an organization

For upcoming dates and times, please click the course titles below. Courses can be paid on a course by course basis. Prices are subject to change.

Tuition Savings! Take ALL 6 sessions for $3,560 + GST (CA 0269)

Leadership: Methodologies (CA 0270)
(2 Days)

Tuition: $659 + GST

Being an effective leader in today’s economy requires skills and knowledge that differ from what was expected of leaders in the past. This course provides information about a variety of leadership styles, emerging developments in leadership today, and the differences between leadership and management. You will discover what leadership style works best for you.

Topics include:

  • Classical Leadership (Laissez faire, autocratic, participative leadership)
  • Trait Theory
  • Emergent Leadership
  • Value Based Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Transactional Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Situational Leadership

Leadership: You as a Leader (CA 0271) -* Link for Winter courses not available
(2 Days)

Tuition: $659 + GST

To be a leader you must have an honest understanding of who you are, what you know, and what you can do. If staff members lack confidence in you as a leader, they will be unmotivated and uninspired. Different people require different styles of leadership. Understanding different leadership styles can help you develop your own personal leadership style and become a more effective leader.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Your Own Leadership Style and Capabilities
  • Your Communication Style
  • Emotional Intelligence

Leadership: Creating Vision (CA 0272) - * Link for Winter courses not available
(2 Days)

Tuition: $659 + GST

Leadership success begins with a vision. It is one thing to have a vision, and another to be able to communicate that vision to others. Leading people toward a common goal does not simply mean telling them what to do. Effective leadership motivates others to achieve higher levels of success. Learn the importance of creating a vision, developing strategies, and aligning others with your vision.

Topics include:

  • The Importance and Value of Creating a Vision
  • Strategies to Develop a Vision
  • How to Effectively Communicate and Share Your Vision

Leadership: Organizational Culture & Change (CA 0273) - * Link for Winter courses not available
(2 Days)

Tuition: $659 + GST

In today’s highly competitive world, the way to survive is to adapt to change. The test of a real leader is how he/she can lead the organization through change and/or crisis as effectively as possible. Learn the concepts of organizational change and how to lead people from change avoidance to change acceptance.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Your Organization’s Current Culture
  • Your Role in Effecting Change in Your Organization’s Culture
  • Variables That Influence an Organization’s Culture
  • The Impact of Change on an Organization’s Culture

Leadership: Team Building (CA 0274) - * Link for Winter courses not available
(2 Days)

Tuition: $659 + GST

A key to leading a successful team is being aware of the skills team members possess, and using those skills in complementary ways. The success of a team depends upon team members committing to a well-defined goal and being mutually-accountable for accomplishing the goal. Learn to build a high-performance team by understanding the different team roles and adjusting those roles during different phases of the project; taking into consideration the varying personalities, skills and experiences of the team’s members.

Topics include:

  • The Importance of the Team
  • How to Successfully Establish Working Teams
  • Individual Roles Within the Team
  • Leading an Effective Cooperative Team
  • Successful Team-Building Experiences

Leadership: Coaching in a Workplace/Organizational Setting (CA 0275) - * Link for Winter courses not available
(2 Days)

Tuition: $659 + GST

Coaches (and mentors) facilitate the learning, development, and performance of others. The executive coach guides someone toward defining his/her aspirations and achieving his/her dreams. This course focuses on the importance of individuals within organizations, communication clues that help us understand others, and employee-coaching strategies.

Topics include:

  • Leader/Follower – the Interdependent Relationship
  • The Importance and Understanding of Individuals in Organizations
  • Fundamental Aspects of Coaching Individuals, Departments, Organizations
  • Strategies For Coaching Employees and Work Groups
  • Coaching and Organizational Improvement

To earn this certificate you must successfully complete all 5 courses.

There are no formal academic requirements for this program.

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