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About This Program

This is a non-credit program offered in-class on a part-time basis during evenings and some weekends. For more information or to register, call registration at 403.529.3844 or click the Courses & Fees tab below. 

If you are a graduate of Medicine Hat College's Administrative Office Professional (AOP) certificate, you can receive advanced standing in the Legal Office Assistant certificate program. With your AOP certificate, and successful completion of CA 0017 Introduction to Legal Office Procedure and Practices, you will receive a Legal Office Assistant Certificate. PLAR (prior learning assessment and recognition) will be provided for the computer skills training and keyboarding requirements, as well as the "Productivity and Workplace Communication" course requirements.

This program prepares students for an entry level position as a Legal Assistant. Legal Assistants are responsible for keeping files organized, monitoring calendars, meeting deadlines and inputting information into databases among other duties. A Legal Assistant plays an important role in a law office and must be computer literate, have the ability to multi-task in an accurate and fast manner and possess strong communication skills (both oral and written).

According to the 2015 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey, Albertans in the Legal Assistant occupational group earned a starting wage from $23.15 - $37.22 an hour. The average wage was $29.81 an hour. (

For upcoming dates and times and to register for courses, please click here. Courses can be paid on a course by course basis. Prices are subject to change.

Introduction to Legal Office Procedures and Practices (CA 0017)
Tuition: $695 + GST
Textbook: $98 + GST
Hours: 48

This course offers an introduction to the legal system and the Legal Assistant’s role in a law office. Students will learn how to perform administrative duties while recognizing the importance of confidentiality, client privilege and professionalism.

Topics will include:

  • the Legal office environment and the Canadian Justice System
  • managing a client file
  • processing legal correspondence and forms
  • billing procedures
  • effective client communication
  • legal terminology

In order to successfully complete the course, students must earn a grade of 75% or better and have a minimum of 85% attendance and active participation in class.

Productivity and Workplace Communication (CA 0018)
Tuition: $395 + GST
Hours: 12

This specially designed 2 day series is focused on increasing your productivity and enhancing your skills in the workplace, dealing with challenging people, and conflict resolution. You will learn:

  • to manage tasks and workload to achieve the right results
  • the barriers to personal efficiency and effectiveness and how to eliminate or reduce them
  • to maximize effectiveness with the use of planning and organizing tools
  • a Conflict Resolution process to improve outcomes
  • strategies to effectively assist the clients and people you work with. Clients dealing intense personal issues can present special challenges.

Keyboarding/Skillbuilding I
Tuition: Free

Student self-directed study: After an initial assessment, students practice to master the touch typing technique and improve speed and accuracy on timed writings. Proof of typing a minimum of 45 wpm with 90% accuracy is required to pass this course and earn the Certificate.


Students who feel they have the prerequisite computer skills, may challenge the exam.  

Introduction to Microsoft Office Applications for the PC (CT 0013)
Tuition: $159 + GST
Hours: 6

You can learn more about computers, even if you aren’t sure of your next step. We will cover the basics of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint so that each student can decide which program will work for them. You will recognize the purpose of the applications, the look of each program, and create basic documents.

Microsoft Outlook (CT 0093)
Tuition: $195+ GST
Hours: 6
NOTE: Certificate Exam not required

  • Are you using Microsoft Outlook to its full extent?
  • Create appointments from e-mails, schedule and reschedule meetings and invite attendees
  • Share calendars with the people you work with, so you can check availability or even make appointments for each other
  • Keep track of task progress, send reminders, or assign a task to someone else
  • Save hours of searching for addresses and information using Contacts
Microsoft Word Level 1A & 1B (CT 0024)
Tuition: $355 + GST (Combine & save price for Microsoft Word 2013 Level 1A & 1B)
Hours: 12

Microsoft Word 2013 Level 1A: Fundamentals

  • Enter and edit text
  • Create, save, and edit Word files
  • Format your text
  • Spelling and grammar checks

Microsoft Word 2013 Level 1B: Formatting for Clarity

  • Set, use and modify tabs
  • Align paragraphs and adjust spacing
  • Add bullets or numbers to your text
  • Use page numbers, headers and footers
  • Adjust margins, orientation and page layout

Microsoft Word Level 2 & 3 (CT 0027)
Tuition: $355 + GST (Combine & save price for Microsoft Word 2013 Level 2 & 3)
Hours: 12

Microsoft Word Level 2: Adding Visual Impact and Clarity

  • Give your documents a professional appeal and deliver information in fast and exciting ways. Add the following features to your Word documents:
  • Pictures, illustrations or diagrams, tables and columns
  • Mail merges
  • Styles, Quick parts and Themes

Microsoft Word Level 3: Maximized Efficiency

  • Save time, effort and improve your documents
  • Control text flow
  • Use section breaks for custom formats
  • Share documents and track revisions
  • Create indexes, tables of contents, footnotes, cross references and bibliographies
  • Create templates

Microsoft Excel 1A & 1B (CT 0026)
Tuition: $355 + GST (Combine & save price for Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 1A & 1B)
Hours: 12

Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 1A: Fundamentals

  • Navigate the MS Excel 2013 window
  • Enter and edit cell contents
  • Build spreadsheets
  • Save and edit spreadsheet files
  • Create basic formulas

Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 1B: Spreadsheet Solutions

  • Attractively format and print your spreadsheets
  • Create formulas and functions
  • Understand relative and absolute addresses in formulas
  • Use multiple sheets in one workbook

Microsoft Excel 2 & 3 (CT 0048)
Tuition: $355 + GST (Combine & save price for Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 2 & 3)
Hours: 12

Microsoft Excel Level 2: Dynamic Spreadsheets

  • Enhance the clarity and efficiency of your spreadsheets
  • Use functions to calculate and summarize spreadsheets
  • Apply text functions to eliminate retyping data
  • Use cell formats and worksheet styles for improved worksheet appearance
  • Insert graphic elements and interactive charts

Microsoft Excel Level 3: Power Tools

  • Eliminate many repetitive tasks and get valuable information from your existing worksheets
  • Sort and extract information from lists
  • Apply custom cell formats and styles
  • Create simple templates and validate cell input
  • Protect your data from changes
  • Pivot tables and pivot charts


There are no formal academic requirements for this program.

  • Material fees and textbooks costs will not be refunded after the Registration Deadline. Textbook fees are subject to change.
  • Certificate exams are required for each computer course. The Certificate exam fee is $15 + GST per exam. Pre-registration is required. Re-tests will be treated as challenge exams. Pass Mark: 75%.
  • Microsoft courses can be challenged. The challenge exam fee is $75 + GST per exam.
To earn the Legal Office Assistant Certificate, students must achieve a grade of 75% on each of the required courses. All classes will have a minimum attendance requirement and class participation and presentation will be graded.

Upon successful completion of the required courses, students must apply for the certificate by contacting the Continuing Studies Office at 403.529.3874.

Program Contact

For more information, contact:

Medicine Hat Campus
Shannan Hurlbut