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Sport & Event Marketing and Management


About Sport & Event Marketing and Management

Starting in Fall 2022, MHC's Sport & Event Marketing and Management diploma prepares students to enter the fast-paced, integrated world of sports, arts and entertainment, and not-for-profits. Learners will get a competitive edge by learning everything from the science of persuasion, e-sports, and experiential marketing to public relations, sponsorship and management theory. These skills are both complementary to the sports industry but can also be applied in a variety of other sectors such as corporate events, arts and entertainment, and community recreation.   

Students will learn from world-class professionals, participate in a workplace integrated learning residency, and gain insight through the use of simulations, case studies and hands-on projects.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion, students will demonstrate the ability to:


  • Apply knowledge of the management function to the operation of a sport and event organization.
  • Apply, analyze and communicate accounting, economics and finance concepts pertinent to the operation of any organization.
  • Demonstrate effective management of human resources in areas such as: job analysis, performance appraisal, employee selection, training, compensation, and labor relations.


  • Develop integrated marketing and media plans directly associated with sports and event entertainment.
  • Analyze and interpret marketing activities using criteria related to sales forecasting, budgeting, financial health and performance metrics.
  • Use Brand Intelligence tools and techniques to reframe, redesign, rewrite and develop new narrative elements for extraordinary advertising and promotional campaigns.   


  • Create professional and persuasive written and digital communications.
  • Develop and evaluate sponsorship activation opportunities.
  • Plan, design, execute and evaluate comprehensive events utilizing project management.  

Graduates from the diploma can pursue positions ranging from brand ambassador and marketing coordinator to event management and coaching development coordinator. MHC has transfer agreements with various post-secondary institution. To learn how you can attain a degree contact our academic advising team.

The Power to Choose

Sport & Event Marketing and Management will be delivered with flexible learning options, meaning you can choose the learning environment that works best for you! Attend in person, online or a combination of the two for maximum flexibility as you balance your education and life.


View from backstage of a concert performance

For more than 30 years, Natalie Sauer’s passion has been event planning. As prominent figure in the industry, her love for her community, desire to create experiences for residents, and the thrill and unknown of each event are what drives her to continue that work as a volunteer in retirement.

Read the full story.


Esports: People on couch cheering on two basketball players

Esports has been around for decades, however with new technologies and a demand to create a more dynamic - and global - gaming experience, organizations like Alberta Esports Association are formalizing to grow the sport, help build careers in the industry and create connections. Read the full story.

High School Route

  • ELA 30-1 or ELA 30-2
  • Two Grade 12, 5-credit subjects with 50% or better

Mature Student Route

  • ELA 30-1 or ELA 30-2


Fall Semester

COMM 140
Communication in the Workplace
This introductory communications course provides a general foundation for quality communication in the workplace through written, oral, and visual representation. The emphasis is on reviewing basic grammar, developing a personal style, attending to audience and purpose, and enhancing research skills. You will work individually and collaboratively on various written assignments, including a documented research report, as well as give oral/visual presentations.
SEMM 161 Introduction to Management
Focus of this course is on the management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling within the context of today’s dynamic and changing world of sport and event management. Specific topics include strategic planning, decision making, organizational design, staffing, motivation, and ethics.
SEMM 171 Introduction to Marketing
Introductory look at the concepts and activities involved in the marketing of sport and entertainment events. Central to the course is under-standing the marketing mix variables of product, pricing, promotion, and distribution. Other topics include consumer behavior, marketing research, and the strategic marketing process.
SEMM 200
Introduction to Accounting
Introduction to using accounting information to effectively manage sport and other events. You learn how to report, plan, budget, read, analyze financial information relating to event operations, sponsor and partner information, and overall financial success. Emphasis is placed on using accounting information for decision making.
SEMM 201 Introduction to Sport and Event Management
This course is an analysis of effective management strategies and the body of knowledge associated with pursuing a career in sport and event management. It also introduces the student to sport management career opportunities and to sport principles as they apply to management, leadership style, communication, motivation and entrepreneurship.
Winter Semester
COMM 252
Advanced Business Communications
This course examines specific business communications products: memos, letters, resumes and employability skills and presentations. You will develop these products within a business employment context and gain an understanding of the organizational processes that govern internal and external communications strategies.
SEMM 221 Sport and Event Marketing
This course introduces students to some of the skills necessary to effectively market a sporting event. Students will learn how to develop a plan to pursue relevant markets including attendees, competitors and sponsors. In addition, students will be exposed to business concepts such as product development, market opportunities and marketing plans.
SEMM 267 Leadership
This course provides an introduction to leadership issues and focuses on developing knowledge and capabilities that contribute to leadership success. The focus is about leadership processes and in developing your self-confidence and the skills necessary to lead. Topics include knowledge of leadership techniques, teamwork, learning styles, values, personal needs, behavioral styles, individual and group conflict, and supportive communications.
SEMM 271 Digital Marketing
This course engages students in the constantly changing nature of digital marketing and social media. It examines the leading edge of technology and practice and how it impacts on a whole range of other disciplines, such as `traditional marketing, management, international business and business strategy. It also exposes students to key concepts and theories relating to online communities and social networking. It covers the development of effective social media engagement strategies such as, social media user behavior, online community and personalization.
SEMM 325 Evidence Based Event Marketing
Students will learn how to support effective marketing decisions through effective data gathering, focused marketing research and analysis, and the application of various methodologies to gain insight. A key outcome of this course is the initial development of an event marketing plan.


Fall Semester
SEMM 241 Event Content, Design, and Application
An introduction to the principles of good design and how it applies to marketing. Students will work on identifying the design requirements for logos, ad content, websites, banners, and collateral materials for events. Students will be expected to create functioning web content and effective application of social media material to support a project or event.
SEMM 251 Sport and Event Sponsorship and Fundraising
This course focus on strategies used for generating event revenue through fund-raising and sport and event sponsorship. You will be introduced to the concept of sponsorship and the process of meeting organization and sponsor needs in the sport industry. Marketing concepts will be adapted to meet the specific needs of sponsorship and fund-raising campaigns and events. Relevant management strategies will be examined. Trends, issues and innovations in fundraising and sponsorship will be explored.
SEMM 263 Event Organizations
A behavioral approach to the understanding of people who influence the sport and event management operations and organizations. Topics of study include team dynamics, motivation, communication, leadership, decision-making, and organizational culture.
SEMM 315 Persuasion in Event Management
Sport and Event Marketing and Management ultimately hinges on the ability to comprehend human motivation in order to understand the attitudes and behaviors of people and organizations. In this course, students investigate the theory and practice of persuasion, learning to use these concepts to develop persuasive and compelling stories in visual, verbal and written formats.
SEMM 395 Events and Risk Management
Students will learn about contract law including purchase and rental agreements and related topics. This includes an introduction to business policy, insurance needs, liability terms as well as the use of small claims court. In addition, student will learn about employment law related to hiring employees for limited terms and events. Additional topics include identification and selection of legal counsel, situational management of incidents, and what types of situations require legal support.
Winter Semester
SEMM 311 Global Marketing of Sports
This course provides learners with a fundamental understanding of the characteristics and marketing strategies related to two key global industries, sports and entertainment. This course will provide students the marketing and management strategies necessary to manage international and professional events. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills to organize, plan, control sports and entertainment events while maintaining the highest levels of ethics at an international level.
SEMM 331 E-Sports Management
This course provides an overview of the essential components in the building, managing and closing of esports events and projects. Students will learn the techniques used to analyze and assess and categorize risks that come with planning an esports project or event. They will learn how to manage stakeholders and how to distinguish expectations in relations to scheduled tasks and budgets.
SEMM 351 Sport Event Media and Public Relations
This course provides and hands-on training in the tools and technology of sport event PR is combined with an examination of the public's relationship with athletes and sports. This course provides strategies and tactics for brand awareness, media management, message recall, and the examination of established and emerging media in the digital environment. It will increase your knowledge and perspective on the world of sports media and public relations.
SEMM 355 Brand Marketing
Meaningful sport and event marketing campaigns are developed through a trans-disciplinary, rigorous, and creatively-driven process. In this course, students are immersed in the deconstruction, critique and reconstruction of the creative and emotional potential of existing marketing assets. Using Brand Intelligence tools and techniques, student then reframe, redesign, rewrite and develop new narrative elements for extraordinary advertising and promotion campaigns.
SEMM 371 Sport Event Management Project
This course provides students with an opportunity to synthesize and apply learning from the program elements to a project of their choosing. There is scope within this module for students to undertake a broad range of sport project types, including consultancy, business analysis, business development, or academic study.
Spring Semester
SEMM 391 Sport and Event Marketing and Management Work Integrated Learning
This experiential learning experience provides students will put their field of study knowledge and skills into practice. Students find a placement with support from the business placement advisor who maintains a roster of placement opportunities and provides students with direction and assistance in the development of resumés and job search techniques.


  • Sports / entertainment account coordinator
  • Sport / event marketing coordinator
  • Sponsorship / experiential marketing coordinator
  • Social media / digital marketing co-ordinator
  • Coaching development coordinator
  • Fan experience / account coordinator
  • Brand ambassador
  • Facility / campus recreation / athletics coordinator
  • Sports agent
  • Marketing research
  • Advertising and sales
  • Event management
  • Public relations
  • Merchandising

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