Brooks Open Learning Centre

Discover alternate learning options at Brooks Campus.

Open Learning Centre - Brooks Campus

The Open Learning Centre (OLC) offers you a flexible way of taking the college preparation courses.  High school level courses are offered through a combination of direct instruction, tutorial and self-study. Courses taught in the Open Learning Centre cover the same curriculum as in regular classrooms including labs. The curriculum is similar to the Alberta public school system, but you will receive credit towards a Medicine Hat College high school equivalency diploma.

The Brooks Campus welcomes all potential students to into the College Preparation/Upgrading Program. First, you need to complete a Medicine Hat College application form and pay the $60 application in order to apply at the Brooks Campus - Medicine Hat College. You must also provide a copy of past high school transcripts or write an academic assessment, to be sure you begin studies at a level that suits your needs. We encourage you to meet with an academic advisor to determine a plan of study that will suit your needs.

You may register for College Preparation/Upgrading courses at the beginning of each month, with the exceptions of April, August and December. Courses are usually offered in the daytime and the evening, depending on the number of students registered. The OLC is designed for full or part time studies and allows you to manage work and family schedules. Courses are a maximum of 14 weeks in length. Government funding is available for upgrading courses - contact the academic advisor at 403.362.1686 for more information.

Courses Offered

  • Adult Basic Education - English and Math 
  • Biology 20, 30
  • Chemistry 20, 30
  • Computers 10
  • English 9, 13, 10, 23, 20, 33, 30
  • Math 9, 13, 10 prep, 10a, 23, 20, 20a, 33, 30a, 31
  • Physics 20, 30
  • Science 10
  • Social Studies 10, 20, 30

How Does the OLC Operate?
You will receive between two and four hours of direct classroom instruction a week. Unit testing and assignments are to be completed through self-study. It is recommended that you spend five hours a week per class in the OLC (includes class instruction and self-study). The OLC Assistant is in Monday through Thursday to assist you when instructors are not in and in arranging exam times. Exams and tests can be written at your convenience during scheduled OLC hours. The role of the OLC Assistant is to provide tutorial services, assist in exam preparation and administration, facilitate between the you and your instructor and assist with computer and study skills.

OLC Closures
The OLC follows the College calendar so it is closed on all statutory holidays and other days as noted by MHC. However, sometimes the OLC is open when the college lists a closure. During these times, there will be whiteboard signs indicating that the OLC is open.

When the OLC must close on a regular day of operation, the closure will be posted at MHC Brooks.