Open Learning Centre

Learn at your own pace in the OLC.

Open Learning provides upgrading students with an alternative to traditional in-class delivery. Open Learning is a combination of instruction, self-study and tutorial support. Courses are designed to meet the needs of upgrading students who are unable to attend regular classes, require flexible start and end dates, or who require courses that are not being offered in the traditional classroom format. Students are expected to spend a minimum of 5 hours per week per course working in the Open Learning Centre. Instructors and tutors are available to work with the students to ensure student success.

  • How do Open Learning Courses work? Students are expected to spend at least five hours per week in the Centre for each course in which they are enrolled. Course expectations will be discussed at the start of each program and our student support worker is available to help you be successful in your studies.
  • What courses are available? The courses available include English, math, science, physics, biology, computers and chemistry in levels equivalent to grades 10 to 12. College Prep courses are transferable to other programs at Medicine Hat College as well as to other colleges and universities.
  • How do I get started? Once you have registered, you will meet with the student support worker to receive an orientation package including your course outline, course expectations, general information, and your learning contract. A follow-up meeting will also be scheduled with your instructor.
  • What are my responsibilities? In addition to using the course outline and resource materials to complete the course, it is your responsibility to ask for help from your instructor or teaching assistant when you need it. You will meet with your instructor periodically to review your progress. All course work must be completed by the date specified in your learning contract. Typically, students have approximately four months to complete an open learning course depending on their start date. The student support worker is available if you are experiencing personal, academic, or other difficulties that are interfering with your studies.