Interfaith Centre

Booking and Usage Guidelines

Medicine Hat College is a community proud of its diversity and committed to promoting equity, respect, intellectual integrity and freedom of enquiry. As members of the MHC community, we are expected to uphold these values by showing respect to the space and people around us.

The following guidelines apply to the Interfaith Centre located in F155.

1. Room Booking

a) This room is available to be booked for group worship sessions and other religious and spiritual activities.

b) The room cannot be booked for more than two hours at a time by any one party in one day.

c) A schedule will be posted on the door at the beginning of each month.

d) Those parties wishing to book the space must submit a request form to the Facilities Booking Coordinator no later than the 15th of the month prior.

e) When the space has not been booked by a specific party, this room will serve as an available prayer/meditation space for use by members of the MHC Community. Use during these times is encouraged for both individual and group worship sessions; however, it cannot be used exclusively by any one person or group and those using this space must be mindful of this fact and accommodating to those who may wish to share the space.

f) Booking requests will be received on a per semester basis.

2. Scheduling Conflicts in Booking Rooms

a) In the case that there are multiple requests for the same time slot, the MHC Facilities Booking Coordinator will be responsible for contacting both groups to request the accommodation of one or both of the groups.

b) In the case that an agreement cannot be reached the group that requested the space first would be granted the room, and the other party will be assisted with booking an alternate space for the requested time upon availability.

3. General Usage of Interfaith Centre

a) The space is to be used for religious and spiritual activity only. Studying, sleeping or using the space for anything other than the above is not permitted unless special arrangements have been made with the Facilities Booking Coordinator.

b) Under no circumstances should the entrance be locked, blocked or obstructed in any way that prevents access to the space.

c) Food is not permitted in the prayer space, unless arrangements have been made through the Facilities Booking Coordinator.

d) Violations of these guidelines can result in a revoking of booking privileges for individuals and/or groups.

4. Storage Space and Room Set-Up

a) The storage space located in the Interfaith Centre is to be used solely for the purpose of storing materials used for regular prayer or worship or religious or spiritual activities.

b) Any items or materials required for worship are to be stored in the storage space when not in use.

c) In general, the space should be free of religious icons and other related materials at all times, except when the room is booked for the exclusive use of a particular group or when necessary and in use for individual prayer/worship. Items which are left out are subject to removal without notice.

5. Complaints

a) Any complaints or concerns about usage of this space should be brought to the attention of the Facilities Bookings Coordinator. All complaints received will be kept in a log to help address systematic problems and will be dealt with accordingly.