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Learn about the BFFL staff and their community, provincial and national partners.

Albertans are knowledgeable, confident, motivated and have the skills they need to engage in physical activity for life.

Work collectively to inspire, educate and support Albertans to lead healthy, physically active lifestyles.

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Alberta Sport Development Centre (ASDC) Southeast

The Alberta Sport Development Centre (ASDC) – Southeast believes that by working together as athletes, coaches, parents, and organizations, we can create the best athletes in our province.

The main purpose of the ASDC network is to coordinate and enhance services available to Alberta's emerging athletes and coaches.  These regional centres provide services to athletes and coaches residing in rural and urban areas allowing athletes to develop and train at a high level without
leaving home. Each Alberta Sport Development Centre is tasked with meeting
the needs of their communities by assisting emerging athletes to reach the next level of competition.

The ASDC Network was established by The Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

 Moving and Choosing
  Moving and Choosing

We envision a community where children and youth thrive leading healthy, happy and active lives.

Our mission is to be a strong community collaborative that fosters healthy environments and promotes healthy eating, active living and positive well-being in Southeast Alberta.


Active Alberta
Be Fit for Life Provincial Network

Be Fit for Life Centres are located in nine college and university campuses across Alberta. We provide services, education and resources to encourage Albertans to be physically active. At school, work, home or in your community we will work with you to support a program or initiative that fits your needs and resources.

We are an active member of the Alberta Active Living Partners, a group of 14 organizations that collaborate through programs, services, research, and advocacy to help Albertans be physically active.

The Be Fit For Life Network aligns their work with the Active Alberta Policy. The Network’s work in promoting physical activity to Albertans links closely with the following outcomes: Active Albertans, Active Communities, Active Outdoors, Active Engagement, and an Active Coordinated System.


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