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The Be Fit for Life Centre supports the development of physical literacy by providing resources and opportunities for all Albertans to engage in active living.  This section supports individuals, families, workplaces, teams, community groups and schools with ideas to incorporate activity into their daily routines.

Important Update:

Government grants that support the Be Fit for Life Centre (BFFL) and Alberta Sport Development Centre - Southeast (ASDC-SE), are no longer available which will result in the closure of these organizations at Medicine Hat College, effective Feb. 12, 2021.

Winter Walk Day
Wednesday, February 3, 2021

This year we are encouraging you to “walk where you are at” and be sure to follow physical distancing guidelines. Check out the poster and this fun SNOWGA activity!

Don't forget to register your participation at

Busy Boys
Ages: 7-12

Delivered in partnership with the City of Medicine Hat and PLAY Medicine Hat, Busy Boys provides a free opportunity for boys in Grades 4 to 6 to be physically active in an environment that aims to develop confidence, resiliency and physical literacy skills by introducing boys to new activities focusing on teamwork and peer to peer interaction to keep both body and mind strong!

Registration and dates can be found at the Family Leisure Centre.

Girls on the Move
Ages: 7-12

Delivered in partnership with the City of Medicine Hat and FAME (Females in Action Moving and Empowering), Girls on the Move provides an opportunity for girls in Grades 4-6 to be physically active in an environment that is positive, barrier free, and exposes girls to new activities they may never have tried.

Registration and dates can be found at the Family Leisure Centre.

Active at Home
Check out this link
to download the Active PLAYbook and Active Everyday Calendars.

Active PLAYbooks

Designed for preschool (with adult support) through grade 3, the My Active at Home PLAYbook features fun activities from a variety of Be Fit for Life Network resources. With coloring pages, games, activities, this resource is a fun way to explore physical activity at home or at school. Don’t forget to click through the links in the online version!

Active Everyday Calendars

Keep moving with daily and easy to follow activity ideas for at home or at school. Download these monthly calendars and click the activity names for links to their videos and resources. Be sure to click the links in the margins for more fun activities and resources.

More Active At Home ideas found on the Be Fit for Life Network Active At Home page.

Check out these resources that are great for Jr/Sr High students:

PLAY (Physical Literacy & You) Medicine Hat

Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.International Physical Literacy Association, May, 2014 

The development of physical literacy is an international movement supported nationally by Canadian Sport for Life and provincially by PLAY Alberta. The Be Fit for Life Network is a leader in mobilizing PLAY Groups throughout the province. The Medicine Hat College Be Fit for Life Centre leads the southeast Alberta group- PLAY Medicine Hat. It is a group of various community stakeholders and is supported by the regional collaborative - Moving and Choosing.  The group collectively supports organizations to engage in programming and assessment activities that develop fundamental movement skills and the first 3 and last stages of the Canadian Sport for Life - Long Term Athlete Development Model to support Albertans in being active for life.  Click here to view the partnership’s current Terms of Reference.

Current PLAY Medicine Hat members:

For more information or to join PLAY Medicine Hat, contact Tara at

Check out these links to gain a better understanding of physical literacy.

Play MH logo

  • Learn about PLAY groups throughout Alberta: 
  • A web platform to connect PLAY groups:
  • Information, links, resources for coaches, parents and athletes
  • Resources, tools, and activities to help raise happy healthy kids
  • Learn everything you need to learn about Physical Literacy through a variety of tools, videos and resources
  • Passport for Life is a program that supports the understanding, assessment and development of physical literacy among students and teachers
  • Great site with resources and information of what physical literacy is
  • Activities, resources, planning and training support and a snack database. The Canadian Active Afterschool Partnership website also includes provincial portals.
  • Ever Active Schools supports school communities in engaging in a comprehensive school health approach.
  • Free program for schools that promotes and tracks healthy habits including: nutrition, sleep, hydration, mental health, physical activity and screen time.
  • Professional development opportunity on physical literacy for leaders

The Medicine Hat College Be Fit for Life Centre is a founding partner of the Moving and Choosing community collaborative that facilitates committee work to impact the health and wellness of children and youth in Southeast Alberta.  Moving and Choosing utilizes a collective approach to facilitate change in our community. View the website here, and social media pages: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The BFFL partners with the Alberta Sport Development Centre Southeast and other community stakeholders to support women and girls living an active healthy life. FAME is a community collaboration bringing people together to share, learn, build capacity, and develop a support network to enhance and develop opportunities, while as well advocating for women and girls in sport and physical activity in Medicine Hat/Southeastern Alberta.  For information on this initiative view the website, social media pages: Twitter and Facebook or email:

Resources for Purchase Available for purchase are a variety of Be Fit for Life Network resources developed to provide easy to follow activity and lesson ideas for parents, leaders, student leaders, teachers, coaches and care givers. Click here to view. 

Be Fit for Life Network Downloadable Resources has many resources available to download for FREE!

Available downloadable resources include information and activity sheets, activity cards, posters and lesson plans for a variety of activities including Indigenous Traditional Game, early childhood, outdoor play, mindful movement and more. Check them out here.

Additional Downloadable Resources

The Loose Parts Handbook
Learn how to create your own loose parts kit in Medicine Hat and Area! Complete with a list of companies that have loose parts to donate, information on loose parts play and more! This handbook is your go-to when introducing loose parts and adventure play in any school or youth group! View the handbook HERE.

Mental Health and Physical Activity Handout

Find quick and fun facts on the benefits that physical activity can offer for your mental health! A great resource to have for anyone of any age! View the handout HERE.

Adventure PLAY

Learn tips to encourage Adventure PLAY in this information handout. Download it here! It includes a fun activity to learn the cardinal directions. Also have fun playing Adventure PLAY BINGO- download the card here!

Tropical Yoga Adventure

Focus, relax and take a moment to reflect with the Tropical Yoga Adventure. Try it on your own or with a group of any age as a quick, fun and useful brain break! If you are unsure of what a pose looks like, use your imagination and make up your own. View the activity here.

Mindful Moments Bookmarks
These fun colourful bookmarks provide everyday ideas and simple techniques to inspire mindfulness. This resource was developed in partnership with the CHHS Blue Crew Wellness Team. Print the document, linked here, double-sided on cardstock and cut into bookmarks to share.

Introduction to the Weight Room

Download this resource
for an easy to follow workout routine adaptable for almost any weight room.

PLAY (Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth) Tools

Assessment tools
for multiple settings to empower parents, leaders, teachers and coaches with usable data to create a foundation for program development.

Active for Life Lesson Plans
Age based lesson plans for educators, care givers and program leaders.

Physical Literacy Fill in the Blanks
Use this resource to test your physical literacy knowledge with this fun fill in the blank worksheet.

Activity Sticks

An easy and fun way to include bursts of activity throughout your day.  Simply draw a stick and perform the activity listed.  Click to download a resource to create your own Activity Sticks.


Summer Olympic Fit Zone
Set up a Summer Olympic Fit Zone in your school.

Designate a high traffic area as a Fit Zone and post the Fit Zone posters (1-56-10) illustrating a variety of Summer Olympic Sport activities.  Encourage staff and students to perform the posted activities each time they pass through the Fit Zone.  Keep your participants interested by changing the activities posted frequently.
Create a class or school challenge by sending home the Summer Olympic Take Home Sheet encouraging families to participate by setting up their own Fit Zone at home.  Students and families can then track their participation and your school or classroom could create an incentive for participating.

Minute to Move It
Minute to Move It includes fun challenges utilizing everyday items. A great way to get moving and fun for all fitness levels. Download the posters and set-up here. Click here for a copy of the Minute to Move It score sheet.

Arena Circuit
Looking for a circuit workout appropriate for a stadium, arena or gymnasium? Find it here. Download the circuit posters: Click here for posters 1 to 4. Click here for posters 5 to 8.

Olympic Adventure Circuit
Check out the Olympic-themed circuit and try using equipment on hand or book a session with the Be Fit for Life Centre.

Olympic Family Challenge

Medicine Hat College third year pre-service education students collaborated with Indigenous Knowledge Keepers to develop lesson plans embedded with Indigenous teachings. Click here to view the resources.

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