Blackboard FAQ

Get answers to common questions about Blackboard.

For a more comprehensive list of frequently asked questions, see the link below:

Blackboard Learn: Help for Students

1. What are my username and password?

All current students receive a MHC webmail address at the time of registration. The address is typically in the following format:

For example, Joe Canuck is a student with a MHC webmail address of so his username will be joe.canuck

Student passwords by default are set to the first three letters of your month of birth with the first letter capitalized, followed by your year of birth and the last three numbers of your student ID; for example: Dec1991456.


2. How can I change my password?

As a student at MHC, you have access to a web page service that will allow you to reset your own password. For step by step directions click here.

    3. Why aren't some videos showing up?

    Occasionally videos may not be displayed correctly; they might not be hosted on MHC's Blackboard system (example: Youtube) and are being blocked by your browser. To enable the content in:

    • Firefox - Click the shield located on the left side of the browser's address bar, click the arrow beside 'Keep Blocking' and select 'Disabled Protection on This Page'. Sample in Firefox.
    • Internet Explorer - A popup will appear at the bottom of the webpage, select 'Show all content'. Sample in Internet Explorer.

    4. I can't find my courses, how do I add them?

    Although you are registered in a class, it may not appear in your course list after you have logged into Blackboard. To enrol in a course, take the following steps.

    • Navigate to the "MHC Blackboard Courses" tab.
    • Using the Course Search box on the left side of the page enter the prefix of the course you are taking (ie. for Management enter MGMT). It's best to be a little vague when looking for a course. For example, for a Biology 200 course try "B" if "BIOL 200" doesn't return any results.
    • A listing of courses will appear. If your course is in the list, and an Enrol button appears on the right side of the page, click Enrol to join the course (you may require an access code). If no Enrol button is present, your instructor will have to enrol you.
    • Contact your instructor if you do not know the access code or if you are unable to self-enroll.

    5. I can't download a file from Blackboard.

    Check the name of the file. If it contains any special characters (such as #) problems may occur when you attempt to download. Please refrain from using any special characters in the names of your file such as !,@,#,$,%,^,&,*