What To Bring

Not sure what to pack for life in residence?

Packing up to move to college can be stressful! Consult this handy list for more info on items you won't want to forget: 

Pillow, pillow cases, bed sheets (XL Single – 39” X 80”), blankets, and comforter.   Residence has partnered with Residence Linens in order to provide our incoming residents with option bedding packages to make your move-in process as easy and worry-free as possible.

You'll need to stock up on toilet paper, towels, face cloths, soap, toothpaste, shaver, hair dryer, etc. A house coat and slippers/flip flops are also recommended.

Kitchen Supplies
Don't forget things like dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, mixing bowls, cooking utensils, storage containers, and microwavable containers. You'll also need dish soap, dish cloths and dish towels. And how about a cookbook of all your favourite recipes from mom? Please note, we don’t supply coffee makers or toasters, but you may want to wait to purchase these items until after move in, so you don’t have four in your house.

Cleaning Supplies – suggested items:
Yes, you have to clean your own place. So make sure to bring some non-abrasive cleaners, a soft bristled brush for the sink and tub, a toilet brush, some toilet cleaner, window/mirror cleaner, rags, sponges, rubber gloves, mop and pail, and detergent/disinfectants.  Products that we recommend are:  Vim, Mr. Clean, Pinesol,Tilex, and Windex.  Please avoid powdered cleansers or abrasive cleaners in our residence units, and never use steel wool.

Each unit has a washer and dryer for your convenience (coin free).  Don’t forget your laundry soap, fabric softener and a laundry basket or hamper.

Light Bulbs
When you move in you should find that all bulbs are functioning. If for some reason they aren't, we will replace them for the first month. After that, you will responsible for purchasing your own light bulbs. However, we'll replace any of the fluorescent bulbs in basements or above the vanities. Leave those ones to us.

Optional Items
Study lamp
Alarm clock
Stereo: (headphones are suggested)
Toaster, coffee maker
Television for your room (resident responsible for cable hookup and monthly fees)
BBQ: Use and storage of your barbecue is allowed outside on cement pads.  Please make sure you have something to catch the drips from it though.  Storage of propane or fuel inside is strictly prohibited -- keep it outside for safety.