Faculty & Staff Remote Access

How do I access Gateway?

(For the best experience, use Internet Explorer)

In order to access Gateway you need to have an MHC account. This account is the one that you would use to logon to your email or computers around campus. Click the button above to access the main Gateway webpage.

Office computer access is provided by an icon on your Gateway Windows 10 desktop called My Computer. If you do not have this icon you will need to contact the college Call Centre to get added to the service. The Call Centre will require your name and your college provided computer name, which can normally be found in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop.

*Important Note*: Your office computer must be powered on to allow access from Gateway.

Changing your password with Gateway is very similar to how you would change it at a computer on campus, the only change is to use Ctrl+Alt+End instead of Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

  • Log into Gateway
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + End at the same time
  • Select Change a Password
  • Enter your current and new password

Yes it does. Although these platforms do not support the Remote Desktop Protocol required for Gateway by default, applications exists for most of them to allow you to connect. On the Gateway site click Application Available Here and follow the links for your device(s).

No files or settings you change on the Gateway Windows 10 machine are saved. This is done to ensure everyone who uses the system can have a similar experience when they log in.
This error is a result of having double clicked the MHCAccess button. What has happened is the system opened two sessions one after the other. The first session has logged in and the second session tries to also log in. Basically the second session has logged you out of the first. The resolution is to accept the error and single click the icon again.
Microsoft has built in a mechanism for Internet Explorer to handle this connection by default. No other browsers, including Edge, have this capability. You can use another browser; however, you will be required to open the file and enter your credentials.

Q: How do I logoff the windows 10 machine when I am done?
A: There is a logoff icon on the desktop; however, you can also right click the start button and select sign out from the shutdown and sign out menu.

Q: Once I have connected to my office machine how do I exit my machine?
A: There is a blue connection bar at the top of the screen you can click the X on that bar, or you can click the start button and click disconnect. The disconnect button is located in the same location as restart, and shutdown.

Q: If I disconnect from my office computer will I lose any change I have made to my system or documents?
A: Once you have disconnected from your office computer you will have the same experience as if you locked your computer. All of your information and settings will be in the same place you left them.

Q: I was logged into the system and I walked away. When I came back I had a message stating I was disconnected.
A: There is a time limit of 10 minutes of inactivity before you are disconnected and logged off.

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