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Textbooks Adoptions
NEW! Online Course Adoptions (OCA)

You can now enter course adoptions online to send your course materials requisitions to The Bookstore – no more paper copies!

OCA replaces the old, paper-based system and includes an approval workflow built in for program coordinators (who are set up as approvers) to approve your course adoptions – no more signatures required.


All course packs submitted to the Bookstore to be copied and sold must first be submitted to MHC’s Copyright Officer who will review the material for copyright compliance before the material can be printed.

MHC bases copying of protected works on the Association of Canadian Community Colleges suggested Fair Dealing guideline. Please click here to see MHC’s Copyright Policy.

Course Packs

Course packs are the materials created in house for printing and selling as part of your course material and can include your own material as well as 3rd party material. The following guidelines shall apply to all course packs:

  • Standard cover page (all course packs will have the same format for the cover page to provide a much more professional image for MHC materials)
  • Controlled versioning (all course packs will follow a common version control methodology - please contact The Bookstore or your divisional administration support staff to find out how to version your documents) to reduce waste and ensure we are always printing the correct version
  • Course packs must be adopted on OCA  (as this provides authorization to print and allows this to be entered into our course planning software)
  • A Request for Printing form (found through this link on the Bookstore SharePoint site in the Faculty Information page) must accompany your course pack when you submit this to be duplicated