Student Information

The Medicine Hat College Bookstore is committed to providing students with the course materials and supplies you will need for the current term. Our dedicated & friendly staff can help you find what you need and can answer any questions you may have.

Buyback Information

After tuition, textbooks are one of the big expenses of going to school.

By selling used textbooks we are able to help students recuperate some of their costs once they are finished with a book, and provide new students with lower cost options.

There are two textbook buy-back options at Medicine Hat College: MHC Buyback and Wholesaler Buyback. While both programs buy your old textbooks for cash, and both mean you bring your books to the bookstore for cash, they actually work a bit differently.

MHC Buyback - three times a year

How does the buyback work? You come in, sell your book, get cash.MHC bookstore staff will buy used textbooks to be re-sold at MHC. Used books will be priced accordingly and placed for sale next to new versions of that book.

When and where is the buyback? MHC Buyback occurs three times a year: April, August and early in the winter term. Dates will be posted throughout the cafeteria, via social media and on MHC digital displays to remind you. Buyback will take place at a clearly marked, designated register in the Bookstore.

What can you sell? MHC Buyback only buy books that are likely to be sold in the upcoming term. This program is limited to books that have been requested by instructors for use in the upcoming fall term in a matching edition. Purchase limits are in place based on need, so only a certain number of each book can be bought back into this program.

How much will you receive? The price varies but usually sits between 40-50% of your original purchase price.

Wholesaler Buyback - January 7 - 31, 2019

How does the buyback work? You come in, sell you book, get cash.MHC bookstore staff will buy your books on behalf of the wholesaler. Prices are set at the current rate the wholesaler will pay for your book based on age and condition.

When is the buyback? This program runs every day the bookstore is open.

What can you sell? This program has more flexibility. The MHC Buyback is limited to books that will be used in the upcoming term, but the wholesaler has a broad customer base looking for different books, and may take older editions.

How much will you receive? The price varies and is set by the wholesaler. Generally, this program pays less than the MHC Buyback.


Important notes for both buyback programs:

  • Some course materials such as course packs, lab manuals and workbooks are not eligible for buyback.
  • All components originally packaged with a textbook must be returned to be eligible for buyback.



Where do I find my course list for course materials I’ll need for my classes?

Instructors will provide your course list to you during Orientation or your first class.

Can I buy my textbooks online?

The Bookstore does not have an online purchase options for textbooks. An e-shopping system is currently being developed.

Why do some classes have e-textbooks and others don't?

Textbook type is dependent on each instructors requests. If you are looking for a electronic version of a physical textbook required for your class, ask our front-end staff about it... we may be able to help you order it.

Where do I look for used books?

Used books are located on the shelves along with new books for a course. The number of used books in stock depends on the number the Bookstore was able to purchase through buybacks and from wholesale companies. The prices for used texts are listed on the price labels. You can expect to pay about 25% less than new price for a used text. Used texts are subject to the same refund policy as new texts.