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Teaching the 21st Century Citizen: Engagement across the Disciplines [Open to the public]
April 26, 2017

The new century places before us a set of interconnected, seemingly insoluble problems: poverty, global climate change, terrorism, ecological degradation, polarization of income, loss of culture, and many more.  Emerging questions include those of identity, and what it means to be an individual global citizen intertwined in the process of globalization.  How has technology transformed our understanding of cornerstone democratic institutions, such as a free press, privacy, and political activism?  What is our relationship to the world itself?  Questions such as this create new demands in educating the next generation of citizens.

As the demands of life escalate, these issues and questions also challenge post-secondary educators in every discipline. How do educators prepare their students for a new era of engagement and social responsibility in the Age of Supercomplexity? Strong evidence suggests college students’ interest and involvement in public affairs has plummeted.  How do instructors intentionally seek to reverse this trend so that students take responsibility as producers of public life and social justice?

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Keynote speaker - Dr. Kyra Garson


Dr. Kyra Garson is the Intercultural Coordinator for the Centre for Student Engagement and Learning Innovation at Thompson Rivers University.  She works to enhance intercultural competencies for students, staff, and faculty.  She was the primary author of TRU: A Globally Minded Campus- A Resource for Academic Units which has guided internationalization on her campus.  Her research interests include intercultural and global learning outcomes of undergraduate students as impacted by internationalization and Interculturalizing curriculum through faculty development. In 2013 her doctoral work on these topics was awarded Dissertation of the Year by the Canadian Society for Higher Education.   In 2011 she was awarded the Canadian Bureau for International Education’s Internationalization award and has been an invited blogger, webinar facilitator and presenter for CBIE and BCCIE.  Kyra is also an instructor for Queen’s University’s International Educators Training Program (IETP) and has developed and delivered intercultural and internationalization workshops for institutions across Canada and internationally.

In addition to delivering the keynote address, Dr. Garson will also lead a faculty workshop the following day. See more below.


Keynote address - overview
The International / Intercultural Interface

Internationalization has become a key strategy for most Canadian institutions.  What does this mean and how will it look in your institution?  What are the benefits and challenges of internationalizing?   In this session Kyra will outline the trends and rationales for internationalization and discuss how intercultural frameworks may present a more inclusive and sustainable approach to enhancing all students’ capacities to be effective professionals and citizens in increasingly multicultural, interconnected, and complex local and global contexts.

Culture in the Classroom: Developing Capacities for Successful Intercultural Learning [MHC Faculty Only]

Workshop - April 27, 2017 (2.5hrs) 

Intercultural and global competencies do not develop as a result of having culturally diverse learners on our campuses.  In this workshop participants will review current and established intercultural frameworks in order to reflect on how culture influences preferences and practices in learning and teaching contexts.  Participants will be introduced to intercultural development models to consider the need for intentional approaches to curriculum enhancement.  Inspiring examples of interculturalizing the curriculum will be shared.