Welcome to Medicine Hat College!

Once You're Here

Just a few more details to take care of and you're all set.

1. Pay your tuition fees

Payment in full is required second week of classes so be aware of deadlines. To learn about the methods you can use when paying your fees click here.

2. Get a student card

Student cards are available from the Vera Bracken Library at the Medicine Hat Campus or the general service desk at the Brooks Campus Library.

3. Purchase a parking pass (if you need one)

Parking passes are available in The Bookstore at the Medicine Hat Campus. Please keep in mind that there are a limited number of passes for the various parking areas so get yours early.

4. Contact MHC Students’ Association

The SA is there to support you and offers a variety of services including locker rentals and the extended health and dental plan*. *If you already have coverage, you may want to opt out of the MHC Health and Dental Plan. At Brooks Campus, you can get a locker and opt out of the Health and Dental Plan at the Front Office.

5. Check out New Student Orientation

Don’t miss this chance to get the right start to college! Meet and learn about your instructors, your classmates, and get an overview of the expectations in your program. You will also have opportunities to go on a college tour, visit information booths, attend workshops and have fun.