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Selecting your classes

Depending on the type of program you are in, your registration in classes is experienced differently. For more information on where to find advice to select your classes, how you register in classes and resources to get you all settled for starting at Medicine Hat College, please see below.

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Academic and Upgrading Programs

For academic and upgrading programs, you will need to apply and be admitted prior to registration. Registration methods can vary depending on the program you have enrolled in.

international english as a second language registration

International English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language students receive a placement test on the first day of class that determines what class they will need to register in. We ensure that you are registered prior to your arrival, and your instructors will provide us with any changes that occur as a result of the test.
Apprentice registration


Trades registration must be done in person, by fax or by telephone at Medicine Hat College.

conservatory of music and dance registration

Conservatory of Music and Dance

Conservatory students can learn more about dance, music and cultural programming registration.

continuing education registration

Continuing Studies

Students are encouraged to get involved in the variety of courses, programs and interest classes offered by Medicine Hat College Continuing Studies.

Academic and upgrading programs registration

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Get in contact with us for program advice and information.