Facility Operations

Campus Parking
Medicine Hat College enforces a pay parking policy year round. Only permit holders or paid parking is permitted at the main campus and Cultural Centre. For more information about parking on campus, please click here.

College Fleet Vehicles
For those employees who are a minimum of 25 years of age, Medicine Hat College has a fleet of vehicles, which can be booked and used for College-related business in or out of town. It is best to book well in advance of your outing as the vehicles tend to be in great demand throughout the year.

If you need to fill with gasoline during your outing, keep your receipt and claim gasoline expenses through the travel claim form for out of town travel.

For many trips out of town, the most cost effective venue is vehicle rental. Check with the program administrative assistant for companies that the program has successfully used.

College Keys & Proxy Cards
Key/Proxy Card Request forms can be obtained from the Administrative Assistant in your Division/Area. The request must be approved, and the form signed, by your Dean/Supervisor and then forwarded to the Facility Operations Department.

Download Key & Proxy Card Request Form (pdf) (on campus or WEBVPN access only)

Courier Services
Facility Operations will ship envelopes and boxes through a variety of courier services. For more information, please click here (on campus or WEBVPN access only).

For telephone and voicemail instructions: (this will open the Source server)

Telephone Instructions (on campus or WEBVPN access only)
Voice mail set up instructions (on campus or WEBVPN access only)