Your Benefits

Payroll is distributed on a monthly basis by Electronic Funds Transfer. Distribution is on the third last banking day before the end of each month.

Timesheets, banking information, and any other payroll changes must be submitted to Human Resources by 3pm on the cut-off date in order to be processed.

Questions regarding your earnings statement may be directed to Human Resources at Local 3859 or 3993.

  • Timesheets must be completed from the 21st of the previous month to the 20th of the current month, signed by you and your supervisor and arrive in Payroll by the cut-off date indicated on the Payroll Calendar.
  • Always provide your full name and department in the top left hand portion of the timesheet.
  • "Week Starting" will be the Sunday of each week you have worked - insert the month and date.
  • Insert the number of hours worked each day of the week in the appropriate row.
  • As your timesheet is required in Payroll prior to the 20th, you will have to estimate your hours for those last few days leading up to the 20th.
  • Any changes to hours worked in those last few days can be recorded in the following month's timesheet.
  • You will be paid once a month, on the third last banking day of each month, by automatic deposit.

It is your responsibility to ensure your Supervisor is notified when you are unable to come to work. A medical note is required as proof of illness for a leave that is more than three days in duration.

Timesheet Reporting

Unexpected (Illness, Bereavement, Family Care)

  • Notify Supervisor.
  • Upon return, complete the timesheet (absence side) and provide explanation.

Planned (Vacation, Professional Leave, Medical Appointments)

  • Prior to the absence complete the absence form to request approval from your Supervisor.

All completed and signed absence forms are to be sent to the Human Resources Department.

On-line Reporting

Unexpected (Illness, Bereavement, Family Care)

  • Notify Supervisor.
  • Upon return, submit your absence on-line.

Planned (Vacation, Professional Leave, Medical Appointments)

  • Prior to the absence, submit the information on-line to request approval from your Supervisor.

Benefits vary depending on the nature of your employment at MHC. The range of benefits includes:

Health & Dental

  • Extended Health Care Plan
  • Dental
  • Health Spending Account
  • Vision
  • Travel Outside Canada coverage

Group Insurance

  • Basic Group Life Insurance
  • Optional Group Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Income Protection

  • Long Term Disability
  • Workers' Compensation


  • Local Authorities Pension Plan

Employee and Family Assistance Program

Optional Benefits
  • Canada Savings Bonds
  • Computer Purchase Plan
  • Home and Auto Insurance
  • RRSP

For more information about benefits at MHC, please contact Denise at 403.529.3859 or Gerda at 403.529.3993.

Vacation and Other Leaves

Vacation Leave

  • Vacation entitlement coincides with the College fiscal year (July-June)
  • Details of vacation entitlement can be found in the Collective Agreements.

Sabbatical/Education Leave

  • Medicine Hat College employees may be granted a professional leave with partial pay up to 1 year.
  • Employees may also request a leave of absence without pay.
  • Eligibility requirements, salary schedules, and leave criteria can be found in the collective agreements/terms of employment.

Maternity/Parental Leave

  • An employee may receive a leave without pay for up to 1 year.
  • Maternity/Parental Leave consists of Maternity (15 weeks birth mother only) and Paternity (37 weeks either parent)
  • Details on Maternity/Parental Leave are found in the respective Collective Agreements.

Deferred Salary Leave
Employees may defer a portion of their salary for a minimum of 2 years to a maximum of 6 years. A leave of 6 months (minimum) to 12 months (maximum) must be taken immediately following the deferral period.

See the Policy & Procedures Manual in your office for more details.

Tuition Waivers

Tuition waivers are available to employees for courses taken at the Medicine Hat College. Waivers may also be available to spouses and dependents of full-time faculty, full-time regular support staff, and full-time administrators. Eligibility requirements can be found in the Collective Agreements or in the College Policy and Procedures Manual.

Questions and information on eligibility for participation, or tax implications may be referred to our Human Resources Department. Contact Denise at 403.529.3859 or Gerda at 403.529.3993 for more information.

Professional Development

Medicine Hat College provides its employees with many options for Training & Development. All staff are encouraged to participate in professional development activities.

The college provides an individual allotment of professional development funds to employee groups.

  • Faculty members have access to a fund known as the Faculty Professional Development Fund. Contact your Dean for more information.
  • Other staff may apply to the Staff Training and Development Fund. Contact your Supervisor for more information.

Details regarding Professional Development are referenced in the applicable Collective Agreements. Information on available funding and procedures may be referred to our Human Resources Department.

Automotive Service

MHC students benefit from hands-on learning, and you can benefit too. Every group of apprentices in the automotive service program require access to vehicles to diagnose issues and solve problems. They welcome vehicles belonging to employees and family members whenever is suits the needs of the program.  

Please remember that this isn't a commercial repair operation! Repairs will take extra time as students only work part of the day. All parts must be paid upon completion of  work. Vehicles are selected based on the subjects being taught, parts and service information availability.