Travis Paulter

Travis Pautler appreciates the quiet days at work.

As a corrections officer and emergency response team lead at the Drumheller Institution, the graduate of Medicine Hat College’s police and security program loves the spontaneous nature of his work but notes it is not without challenges.

“There are lots of different types of people serving time for lots of different types of crimes,” explains Pautler. “Now place them all in a confined living situation and try to maintain the peace. You learn to embrace the boring, quiet shift.”

With a father in the RCMP for more than 25 years, a career in law enforcement was inevitable for Pautler. He chose Medicine Hat College for its proximity to his hometown of Redcliff and the option to live at home while attending school. He admits he wasn’t a dedicated high school student and “copious amounts of partying” likely kept him off the dean’s list in his first semester at MHC.

“It was a huge eye-opener for me,” says Pautler. “The instructors made you grow up and most importantly, made you accountable. Professor Groom took on the image of a head coach to me, a coach I did not want to under-perform for.”

His parents also played an influential role in his life.

“My father supported everything I wanted to do. He had my back 100% in every career choice I had prior to coming to MHC. My mother questioned everything. She made me focus on the future and always pushed post-secondary schooling.”

As a result, Pautler found the dedication and motivation he needed to succeed in school and build a professional career he enjoys.

Now in his ninth year with Correctional Service Canada, the father of two small children is also an entrepreneur in his spare time.

His fitness apparel business, Berta Barbell, recently evolved over cocktails at a Christmas party. After chatting with a friend who is an active outdoorsman, the pair decided to focus their efforts on the hunting community and create apparel that is locally printed and sourced in Alberta. The company became Berta Bucks Apparel and has been a success ever since, says Pautler.

Balancing family, work, and business isn’t easy. Once the kids are in bed, Pautler can be found working out at the gym, maintaining his business, or watching “terrible” movies with his wife.

“Life is busy. Sometimes it feels like work is the break.”