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Emergency Preparedness and Response

In all situations

Remain Calm
Protect yourself
Call for Help – Campus Security can be reached by dialling 3911 from any internal phone or 403-529-3911 or 911 from an external phone.

Be Prepared, as you can make a difference simply by being aware of your surroundings. Where are the exits? Do the doors lock? What would make a good barricade? What would make a good weapon?  This kind of thinking is helpful in preparing for all kinds of emergencies.


MHC Emergency Protocols

The fire alarm bells mean all users must evacuate the building immediately. Emergency wardens will direct you to the nearest exit and ask that you move away from exit doors and to the assembly areas. The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) will give direction to evacuate if an event occurs that is not fire related (for example, a chemical spill). Once the nature of the event has been found, you will be given further direction using the EBS

Shelter in place
The EBS will give directions to move away from windows and external walls in the event of severe weather. Please obey the directions of emergency wardens and the EBS. Remain in sheltered areas until cleared by the EBS. 

A lockdown may be initiated due to a threatening event. The EBS will give direction for specific floors/areas within the facility to lockdown. If possible move to a secure area. Do not stay in the hallway or public areas,secure or block the door, close blinds, turn off lights and ensure cell phone is on silence. Stay out of sight and be as silent as possible; the intent is not to draw attention to yourself. Do not open the door for anyone. If you hear the fire alarm stay secure unless you see fire, smell smoke or you are directed to evacuate by the EBS. Remain secure until you hear the all clear on the EBS. 

Run – Hide – Fight (Active Shooter Response)
Run: Getting out is the best option if you believe you can safely escape. It’s a good idea to make mental notes of means of escape wherever you may be on campus. If you hear something that could be gunshots, don’t wait, get out.
Hide (Lockdown): Hide if you don’t know exactly where the shooting is happening or it’s too late to escape safely. Get behind a lockable door if you can. Barricade the door. Improvise with any object you can to prevent someone from entering. Once hidden, silence your phone, turn off the lights and stay quiet. If your spot is secure, be prepared to remain there until the police come to you with the all clear.
Fight: Fighting is your absolute last resort. You would only confront an active shooter if you somehow became trapped in a space with no escape. Active shooters typically don’t respond to reason so you must assume they intend to harm you. Find an object you can use to strike the shooter with; trip them with a chair, be as aggressive as you can; do anything you can to stop them. You will need to decide if you can do this. Remember, it is your decision.