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Medicine Hat Campus Directory

General Inquiries: 403.529.3811
Campus Security: 403.529.3911
Emergency: 9-1-1

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Phone Email
Academic Advising  403.529.3819 info@mhc.ab.ca
Admissions  403.529.3844 info@mhc.ab.ca
Alumni Office  403.502.8997 alumni@mhc.ab.ca
Campus Tours / Student for a Day  403.529.3819 info@mhc.ab.ca
Community Engagement  403.502.8997 engage@mhc.ab.ca
Computer Help Desk
 403.529.3899 callcentre@mhc.ab.ca
Conservatory  403.529.3880 conservatory@mhc.ab.ca
Continuing Studies  403.529.3844 CStudiesMedicineHat@mhc.ab.ca
Corporate Training  403.504.2248 CStudiesCorpTraining@mhc.ab.ca
Daycare  403.504.3694 mhc_dayc@memlane.com
Financial Services (Institutional)  403.504.3528  
Freedom of Information (FOIP)  403.504.2286 foip@mhc.ab.ca
Human Resources  403.504.2250 hr@mhc.ab.ca
Indigenous Support Office  403.529.3819 info@mhc.ab.ca
International Education  403.529.3819 info@mhc.ab.ca
Library Services (Vera Bracken Library)  403.529.3867 reference@mhc.ab.ca
Media Inquiries  403.529.3861 media@mhc.ab.ca
Medical Clinic  403.502.8437 www.mhcollegeclinic.com
Mental Health and Counselling
President’s Office  403.502.8988  
Program Registration / Student Accounts  403.529.3844 registration@mhc.ab.ca
Rattlers Athletics  403.529.3834 rattlers@mhc.ab.ca
Student Financial Aid  403.504.3594 FinAidInfo@mhc.ab.ca
Student Residence  403.529.3820 residence@mhc.ab.ca
Students' Association  403.529.3925  
Testing Services  403.529.3896 exams@mhc.ab.ca
Transcripts  403.529.3808 admissions@mhc.ab.ca

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